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30 Riddles in Autumn Wind
Name Attribute Stamina Rounds Exp Limitation
Showcase of intelligence and power AllAtt.png 15 7 1500 Requires 5 members

First time clearance is rewarded with Diamond.png x1

Stage Information[]

This event is designed to test the content of your inventory and team building skills. Each time you successfully complete the stage, all cards (including leader, members and ally) will be put on a ban list. This means that you won't be able to use these cards in any following attempt.

A "Reset" function is available in the "Stage Clearance Record". This resets both the ban list and the stage clearance record.

Achievements and Rewards[]

Achievement Reward List
Cleared stage 5 times No. 744 Gleaming Cyan CarpLv.Max No. 672 Pumpkin TrioLv.Max No. 879 Rhinobeetle SamuraiLv.Max No. 518 Dagger WielderLv.Max No. 619 Jade Rabbit the Elixir PounderLv.Max x2 (random) + Title-Bronze.png Soft Breeze in Autumn
Cleared stage 10 times S98 Shrunk Petals - Sakura (skin) x1 (outfit only)
Cleared stage 15 times No. 617 Baby Harpy x3
Cleared stage 20 times No. 400 Madhead x1 + No. 425 The Stone Inscripter x1
Cleared stage 25 times No. 429 The Memory Traveler No. 430 Giallar the Hornist No. 502 The Craving Cryptid No. 503 Mosasaur No. 504 Bewitching Fairy No. 505 The Heartless Umpire x1 (random)
Cleared stage 30 times No. 292 Harpy x1 + Title-Gold.png 30 Riddles in Autumn Wind
  1. The monsters (based on the card number) used by the Summoner will be forbidden upon completion of every stage. The Summoner cannot use those monsters (no matter as the team leader, teammates or ally) listed on the “Forbidden Monster(s)” again for other stages. Examples are as follows:
    • The character with different styles but shares the same card number cannot be used twice: If you complete a stage using “Sean the Monitor of Dragonfire”, you cannot use “Dragon Rider Sean” which shares the same card number (No.409) to battle again.
    • In the same stage, you can use more than one monsters which share the same card number: 2 “Grand Sage Molly” can be used simultaneously for the same stage. Once completed, “Grand Sage Molly” will be forbidden.
    • Monsters that can be combined will be forbidden once entering a stage: If you use “Beowulf the Dragonslayer” and “Scrubia the Vengeful Demi-dragon” in a stage, and combine them into “Dragonic Avenger – Beowulf”, “Beowulf the Dragonslayer” and “Scrubia the Vengeful Demi-dragon” will be forbidden upon completion.
  2. There is a “Reset” function on the Clear Record. The Summoner can reset the “Forbidden Monster(s)”, and the clear times will also be reset as 0.
  3. The reward for accumulated clears can only be redeemed once. Even if you accumulate specific clear times again after “Reset”, you cannot get the same reward you have redeemed before.
  4. Rewards for accumulated clear times can be redeemed in “Community” → “Rewards” once you re-login the game.

Showcase of intelligence and power

Stamina.png 15 Battle.png 7 Exp.png 1500 (100 / Stm)
W M CD ATK/HP/DEF Enemy Skill
256i.png 8(8) ATK: 11,111
DEF: 1,111
257i.png 8(8) ATK: 11,111
DEF: 1,111
258i.png 8(8) ATK: 11,111
DEF: 1,111
259i.png 8(8) ATK: 11,111
DEF: 1,111
260i.png 8(8) ATK: 11,111
DEF: 1,111
1341i.png 2(2) ATK: 6,742
HP: 1,240,980
DEF: 1,590
SI165.png 2 Second Round
1343i.png 1(1) ATK: 3,397
HP: 1,301,760
DEF: 1,680
SI224.png Masked Trail - 6
3SilverCard.png 337i.png 2(1) ATK: 6,013
HP: 830,270
DEF: 830
SI014.png Column & Row Conversion - Light
336i.png 2(2) ATK: 5,944
HP: 831,950
DEF: 780
SI013.png Row & Column Conversion - Earth
1606i.png 1(1) ATK: 2,610
HP: 2,035,820
DEF: 2,310
SI188.png Trojan Attack
1610i.png 2(2) ATK: 8,986
HP: 2,792,640
DEF: 2,560
SI183.png Green to Red Vortex - Attack & Recovery
5 1612i.png 1(1) ATK: 5,637
HP: 1,831,460
DEF: 2,840
SI110.png Initial Orb Shield
1608i.png 1(1) ATK: 2,624
HP: 2,019,730
DEF: 2,290
SI188.png Trojan Attack
1616i.png 2(2) ATK: 9,031
HP: 2,731,580
DEF: 2,500
SI226.png Monochrome Runes
7 1602i.png 1(1) ATK: 6,046
HP: 4,359,210
DEF: 3,870
SI011.pngSI043.pngSI113.png Initial Random Conversion - Water · Heart Block · Water Combo Trojan & Team Damage -100%