“Hm? Where did my bread go?” A woman looked at the windowsill in her kitchen, and said in surprise, “Oh my, did someone just steal it? So thefts are really increasing!”

        If she stuck her head out of the window right now, she would see an unbelievable scene on her right — her bread was floating away in the air! The bread hid among churns of milk; even the milkman himself was unable to notice the extra bag of bread on his cart. Just as the cart entered a city, the bread dashed into the shades between buildings. Avoiding the crowded streets, it moved swiftly in secluded alleys, and floated into an abandoned manor.

        The bread stopped on a ragged table. Then, the trousers and clothes on the nearby bed began to move, as if someone was picking them up and getting changed into them. As the bread moved with the Human-shaped clothes, it was gobbled in the air; if there were head and limbs, it was most surely someone eating the bread in those clothes. However, where the head should be was no head; so were the limbs.

        Suddenly, the half-eaten bread fell onto the floor. The clothes bent towards the trousers; the collar neared the knees, and the sleeves wrapped around where the “head” should be. The clothes threw themselves hard onto the bed. The trousers started to tremble, while heavy pant of fluster sounded, “All...of you...Die...”

        The clothes continued to writhe, and the bed was in a mess. All of a sudden, the clothes bounced from the bed and rushed out —

        “Ahhhh! Clothes! Clothes are flying around! And they even tore themselves?”

        “Ahhhhhh! A pipe is moving by itself!”

        “The pipe is killing people! Run!”

        Screams abounded through the streets. The residents could only see a pipe chasing and hitting people. After cracking the door of a meat shop, the blood-stained pipe fell onto the ground. This time, people saw a knife moving.

        “No! Please don’t kill me!” The owner of the meat shop pleaded the knife he always used for mercy, yet the knife did not listen to him.

        Blood splashed forward from the shop owner’s body as the knife withdrew from him. The blood started to form a figure at where the knife was floating. People, therefore, began to be able to see a translucent man-like figure fiercely stabbing the owner!

        The man-like figure returned to the streets. Losing sight of the scattered people, it broke into shops to kill everyone in sight. Constables rushed to the scene with their guns. Yet, it was difficult for them to lock on the translucent figure as it had already wiped off the stain; shooting spells randomly might hurt the innocent residents. Two of the constables charged, trying to stop the figure, but they were unable to land their strike at the almost invisible figure; instead, they were even stabbed! Even more unfortunately, the figure grabbed a gun from the constables...

        The screamings from the residents had spread to a hill of a nearby town. A few people were standing by a wood house on the hill; they were Illuminated Savant and his subordinates.

        “So, he indeed accomplished his mission to kill, but he seems a bit out of control. Is it because of the virus itself, or is it the side effect of the medication?” Illuminated Savant shifted his focus from the town to the report on his hands: “Data’s still insufficient...Hey you, find someone to collect his blood sample.”


        “Keep an eye on him. ‘7009’ is a precious subject.” Illuminated Savant ordered his subordinates.

        “In our experiments in Human-invisibility, ‘7009’ is the only one whom we can say is successful. Yet, his invisibility is still unstable, we still need to collect data from various experiments.” He murmured as he read through the report, “How long can he turn invisible this time? He did once become invisible for the whole day to avoid the guards, and escaped from the lab. But this time... maybe around half a day? Hmmm... Let’s keep observing.”

         “If the experiment is successful, I’ll have an invincible assassin squad! Hahahaha!”

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