Before its consciousness developed, hearing was Abhoth’s only sense. With passing years, it had been a listener to all living creatures. First, there were voices of buds, vital and stable. Later, variety was added. They were not just voices, but languages with meanings. Accompanied by laughter, Abhoth was at ease.
        But these beautiful voices had somehow become haunting pain and grief; each sent a shock into its consciousness. Feeling that itself was soon engulfed by the unbearable voices, Abhoth gave out the first cry for help.
        “ me…”
        Its sound was even weaker, lighter than the breath of bugs, but Daoloth the great creator would never miss a thing, including this tiny, trivial call. It descended trippingly, hovering around Abhoth, which began to wolf down Daoloth’s energy by instinct, wild and rapacious.
        “What is...this...Am I able to see...?” Abhoth blinked its eyeball that was soaking in the liquid. It was unable to adapt to the vivid vision suddenly. Overloaded messages were digested into knowledge in its mind.
        “Yes. You’re living now. Abhoth, the consciousness remained in the land of life, I can feel your thirst for existence after the massive destruction. You’re an incredible creation.”
        Daoloth rolled the rotund Abhoth up with its tail, causing the liquid inside Abhoth to ripple. Meanwhile, countless questions popped up in its mind.
        “Amazing...But I don’t comprehend...What am I exactly…?”
        To search for an answer, it followed Daoloth to the journey of creation. Getting into contact with different individuals, Abhoth started to understand itself. However, other questions just kept coming after one was solved. On one hand, it created questions; on the other hand, it found answers by constantly absorbing new things. Through sorting and reorganization, Abhoth had come to the conclusion of the laws of life as a ceaseless cycle.
        The questioning nature in Abhoth raised Ghatanothoa’s curiosity. “Don’t you feel tired of asking,” Ghatanothoa tilted its head like an innocent child.
        “Don’t you feel tired of creation?”
        “No. It makes me satisfied.”
        “Then your question is answered.” Abhoth touched Ghatanothoa’s body with its tentacles. “An intellectual individual is able to question itself. That’s why it keeps asking and searching for answers.”
        “But Daoloth never asks anything.”
        “Because it doesn’t need to. Daoloth itself is the answer. Its decision is unquestionably right.”
        “I still can’t get it. But I guess I just have to follow Daoloth.” The innocent Ghatanothoa wore a broad smile, giving out sharp laughter. It ran straight ahead, turning somersaults on this beautiful land.
        Looking at Ghatanothoa, Abhoth once again became aware of the difference between themselves.
        “I’m different from Daoloth and Ghatanothoa. I create and solve questions. Then it leads to another question. I keep thinking and thinking to pursue the endless truth. It’s my instinct.”
        However, no matter how many puzzles it solved, Abhoth was still not able to help Daoloth create an eternal land of life. Those living creatures once flourished in this beautiful place slowly decayed to death.
        “Why is life so fragile?”
        “What can we do to create eternal life?”
        Abhoth waved its tentacles spontaneously to let the body drift in the universe, until it reached the place of birth. When it came to an abstruse puzzle, Abhoth loved to ponder in this place. By gazing at the remnants of its homeland, this place became a spring of inspiration for itself to pursue more truth.
        Abhoth landed at the edge of the galaxy, looking at the homeland from afar. Shocked, it found that there was a blue sphere appearing in the deserted ruins.
        “...These planet fragments are self-repairing and reshaping a new one...I life…”
        “Now I finally understand.” Abhoth saw the light. “Destruction makes life stronger. Either creation or destruction cannot maintain a perfect balance. Coexistence is the only way.”

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