17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 7

        It was a beautiful day with the blazing sun hanging in the sky. At the gate of Heavenly Kingdom, two celestial guards on duty were sweating like pigs. Unable to hold on any longer, the fat guard turned to his partner and said, “the heat is killing me...I need to hydrate myself at the celestial fountain——”

        “No! Madam Xiwangmu has strictly commanded us to make sure no one gets in!”

        “Oh...It’s because of the trial...What’s the name again, Xingtea?”

        “Your face is Xingtea!” The lean guard smacked the fat guard in the head, and yelled at him, “it’s Xingtian! He was the prodigy disciple of master Shennong! Not someone in our league!”

        “Ugh...So what if he’s a genius? He’s just a criminal now——Hmm? What’s that red thing in the sky?”

        “What? It’s just a bird. Don’t stray off the topic!” The lean guard brought the fat guard’s attention back to their conversation and kept on his lecture. Meanwhile, everything in Heavenly Kingdom was recorded in the eyes of the hovering flamingo.

        The gaze of the flamingo was so sharp, as if it could read minds. It was like a gaze of a man rather than that of an animal.

        “Got the map now. It’s time to leave before the Xians get suspicious,” Bi Fang the flamingo thought, while landing at the nearby forest. Then he jumped his way to a stealthy spot with his only leg. When he was pushing the bushes aside, someone threatened him with a sword.

        “It’s me, Fuxi,”Bi Fang said calmly.

        Realising it was Bi Fang, teenager Fuxi put away his sword and apologized immediately.

        “I’m sorry, Bi Fang. I shouldn’t have pointed a sword at you.”

        “You’ve done nothing wrong. Actually it was a right thing to——Ouch!”

        Tian Wu the blue tiger-like beast pounced on Bi Fang and licked him out of affection.

        “Bi Fang! So happy to see you alright!”

        “You...are...heavy! Tian Wu, move away or you’ll crush me!”

        Scolded by Bi Fang, Tian Wu reluctantly let go of him. Bi Fang then got up and drew a map on the group. Very soon, a detailed map of Heavenly Kingdom was completed.

        “Here. This is our target,” said Bi Fang pointing at the bottom-right corner of the map. “The prison in Heavenly Kingdom is protected by multiple barriers. It’s impossible to infiltrate just by three of us. We must ambush when they’re transporting Xingtian to the trial, but don’t waste time in battles. Tian Wu, we leave once we have Xingtian. Is everything clear?”

        “Why am I the only one called out by you! Bi Fang I hate you!” The provoked Tian Wu puffed her tail; Meanwhile Bi Fang ignored her and cleaned his feather confidently.

        “Alright. It’s time to go...Fuxi, what’s wrong?” Bi Fang asked as he was confused by Fuxi standing still.

        Clenching the fists, the hesitant Fuxi eventually spoke after a moment of silence, “Bi Fang, Tian Wu, I’m sorry…I dragged you two into this all because I wanted to save master…”

        “Are you crazy?” Tian Wu scratched with her leg then continued, “although we’re not really on good terms, Xingtian was the one who saved Bi Fang and me out of danger.”

        “Xingtian is a kind-hearted man with a tough look. After all the denial he said, didn’t he still teach us Xian arts?” Bi Fang spread his wings and continued, “Xingtian is so much better than those hypocrites. Beside, isn’t Xingtian your family? Fuxi’s family is our family too.”

        “Yes, we’re family! It means we look out for each other!” Tian Wu agreed.

        “Thanks guys…” The touched Fuxi then said, “but master told that I must never set foot into Heavenly Kingdom...Is it a right thing to do?”

        “We’ve already come this far. It’s not the time to think about that!” Tian Wu pushed Fuxi from behind and said, “let’s break him out first!”

        “...You’re right. I...No, we can save master!”

        Later on, the teenager and two beasts infiltrated into Heavenly Kingdom and arrived at the grand hall. Despite the intervention of the Xians, the prison break was a success. Still, they were hunted down by the Xians inevitably.

        “Sooner or later they’ll get us...Gotta do something,” Bi Fang thought as he evaluated the situation. Then he came up with a decision and told Fuxi, “we gotta split up. I’ll take Xingtian and escape through flying. You head west and Tian Wu head east! We’ll meet at the agreed spot after we managed to escape!”

        As Fuxi and Tian Wu nodded, they split up into opposite directions and disappeared in the dense forest; At the same time, Bi Fang spread his wings and ascended.

        “Stop right there!” A few Xians attempted to stop Bi Fang by attacking at him. Bi Fang breathed out fire barrier, holding off the incoming Xians.

        “No one can stop me as soon as I fly up high,” Bi Fang thought, yet things went sideways very soon.

        A female Xian Shuhai threw a bronze axe into the air, hitting Bi Fang precisely. Without seeing that coming, Bi Fang was knocked down to the ground.

        “Damn...That’s a terrible strength to throw the axe this far…” Bi Fang felt like he was hit by a meteor, but he managed to suppress the pain and protect the unconscious Xingtian.

        The odds were in their favour as they landed on fuzzy shrubs, buffering most of the impact force. Yet Bi Fang let go of Xingtian during the landing, dropping him to the grass a few feet away.

        “That beast just landed ahead! Search over there!”

        The words of the Xians were heard by Bi Fang; he crawled towards Xingtian, struggling to protect him with the last bit of strength.


        At this moment, a shadow shrouded the wounded Bi Fang; a low male voice sounded as he stroked Bi Fang at the head, “leave him to me. I’ll take care of him.”

        Despite the indifference in the voice, Bi Fang somehow felt calm with this mysterious man. Having been barely holding on, he finally let go of the consciousness and passed out...

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