’Huifre! Where have you put my slingshot?’ Abraham rummaged through every drawer, turning the house upside down. Huifre grunted, ‘I haven’t seen your slingshot. You blame me every time you lose something. I never touch your stuff.’ She lowered her head with her lips pursed.

        Abraham searched and searched. A part of his precious collection, including a pebble, a bamboo and a fletch, had gone missing one after the other. It frustrated him so much. However, he just could not blame Huifre. He spoke gently, ‘It’s okay. I shouldn’t have blamed you for losing my stuff. My bad.’

        Huifre angrily stuffed something into Abraham’s pocket. She turned her back to him and said, ‘It’s for you.’ It was a rough grass rope. He chuckled in joy and instantly put it on his neck, completely forgetting about his slingshot.

        Abraham and Huifre were twins; they lived together in a wooden house in the village. No one knew where their parents had gone. They never left each other. In winter they cuddled in a blanket; in summer they would rest under the trees. However, the villagers felt something off with the twins, so everyone stayed as far away from them as possible.

        One day, the twins played with water in a creek. The next day, Huifre caught a cold and the fever would not go away. Abraham asked every villager for medicine in panic , but no one seemed to care. He knew no one would help them, but he still knocked on door after door for medicine. As time went by, anxiety overflowed his heart..

        As Abraham became overwrought, he saw a doctor coming out of a gorgeous mansion. Abraham rushed to the doctor and begged, ‘Please spare me some medicine! My sister is sick!’ The doctor and the mansion's residents glared at him in disgust. The doctor replied, ‘Just let her die, will you?’ Abraham was stunned to hear that. He wondered what he had done wrong to deserve all the hatred towards him and his sister. All he wanted was a peaceful and happy life with Huifre. He had never done anything that upset others.

        As the doctor turned around, Abraham pushed him and shook the medicine bags off the doctor’s hands. Abraham reached for the bags, but the doctor angrily trod on the bags and yelled, ‘Disgusting! You and your sister belong in hell!’ He grabbed a rock on the ground and smashed it on Abraham’s back……

        What was on his back stupefied the doctor.

        A pale giant face appeared on Abraham’s back and swallowed the rock.

        ’Mon-monster! Stay away from me! Help!’ The doctor body crumpled and snapped into pieces as the face’s lips touched him.

         Abraham paused, and smiled.

        The screaming attracted other villagers, who were shocked to find the doctor’s corpse in two pieces. One of them fired an arrow at Abraham. As he commanded the face to strike back, he saw Huifre hobbling to him on crutches. ‘Huifre! Get out of here!’

        ’Bro...ther...Our house… is on fire…’ panted Huifre in a cold sweat. Someone had lit a fire near their house. The flame set the roof on fire.

        Ignoring Huifre’s ill look, the villagers hurried to capture her. Abraham sprinted to her, but a villager had caught Huifre. The villager squeezed her throat, nearly suffocating her. Someone yelled, ‘He won’t live long if his sister dies!’ Rumour had it that the twins’ lives were connected. Neither could live without the other. That was the reason why the villagers treated the twins as abominations.

        ’You animals...I shouldn’t have saved any of you!’ The moment Abraham glowered and pointed at the villager holding Huifrehe, the giant face pounced on him and crushed his every bone! Blood splashed on Huifre. She pleaded, ‘Stop...Stop...Brother…’ Abraham indulged in the killing, unable to hear his sister’s voice. She started to lose consciousness, and fainted at last.

         ’Help! Help!’

        ’Seek help from the Goddess Athena!’

        ’The village Chief has been twisted into two parts!’

        Suddenly a sharp and dignified voice came from nowhere, ‘What have you done to my people?’ The shining Athena stared at Abraham coldly. Vines twisted round Abraham. The giant face vanished. The vines held him as tight as a drum.

        ’Let go of me! I need to kill more! I need to-’ As the vines magically calmed his rage, he regained his sanity. He gasped audibly when he saw the dying Huifre in Athena’s arms.

        ’Stubborn sinner. You ruined the hometown of my people. It’s unforgivable. I’m sealing you so you can see how it feels to be separated from your family.’ Athena shut her eyes and spelled incantations, tightening up the rattan on Abraham. Abraham roared as he recalled Huifre’s smile, voice, and touch. Abraham stared at Huifre disappearing in Athena’s arms.

        ’From now on you will never meet each other again. When you do, one of you will be brought to nowhere.

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