17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 11

        A lady named Shuhai was wielding an axe taller than herself at the training field; sweats were rolling down her muscular body.

        A sudden explosion interrupted her practice. Shuhai stopped and looked over to the smoky place.

        “That’s...the grand hall. Today is the trial of Xingtian the traitor...He’s in charge of the escort...And then the explosion...Is he alright?”

        Shuhai paced back and forth anxiously. As she wasn’t a hesitant person, she headed to the grandhall decisively. It only took her few leaps to arrive at the destination. The first thing she saw was the gigantic hole blasted open on the roof of the hall, with a mess inside the building. Clearly there had been a nasty fight.

        “Where’s he?” In extreme worry, Shuhai searched for her crush in the ruins; and she eventually found him——an apathetic man Pangu, who was confronting two heavenly beasts and a man.

        As Shuhai cared about Pangu’s well-being, she immediately sprinted toward his whereabouts. Yet the intruders acted quicker than her, blasting a hole on the wall to flee the scene.

        “Pangu, what’s this——” Shuhai’s question was cut off by Pangu’s words. “Shuhai, pursue the intruders with me! They’ve got Xingtian and they’re about to flee Heavenly Kingdom!”

        “Copy!” Shuhai accepted the request without a moment of hesitation. The two of them took action immediately, while the other Xians were keeping up at behind.

        “With the pursuing force of the Xians, they can’t run too far,” Shuhai thought, but the intruders were aware of the situation too. When they arrived at a diverge, they split into 3 ways to escape.

        “What...What should we do?” Shuhai was panicked, for she was never a strategist but just a troop. This unexpected incident just caught her unprepared.

        “Come with me!” Unlike the other Xians, Pangu dragged Shuhai into the bushes instead of pursuing, heading to the high ground. Although she didn’t get his intention, she trusted his decision anyway.

        Very soon, the two of them arrived at a grassland at higher altitudes with an open view. Observing from above, they found a prominent red figure inside the forest that was about to take off.

        “I knew it, escaping through the sky,” Pangu said with a proud smile. “Shuhai, shoot that flamingo down with your axe.”

        “Huh? But that’s too far to——”

        “I’ll assist you,” Pangu said and grabbed her shoulders tight, implying that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

        “Pangu will smile at me as long as I take down the intruders!”

        Holding on to the thought, Shuhai nodded and stabled herself. As she summoned her power, earth element blended into her body, lighting up the pattern on her skin. Meanwhile, Pangu conjured his power to release a purple mist. Before the mist intertwined with Shuhai, a white-haired man showed up and stopped Pangu.

        “You’ll injure Shuhai if you push your power into her,” said Taiyi, a senior to Pangu and the master of Shuhai, gazing at them disapprovingly. Refusing to take his advice, Pangu pushed Taiyi’s hand away.

        Just when Taiyi was about to further persuade, Shuhai stopped him.

        “Master, I’m fine with it. This is my obligation.”

        Facing the persistent Shuhai, Taiyi could do nothing but leave with heaving a sigh. Without any disturbance, Shuhai and Pangu made a second attempt. This time, the purple mist blended with Shuhai successfully. As her body was overloaded by the energy of Pangu, Shuhai felt like every inch of her muscle was torn into pieces. Still, she endured the tremendous pain, screaming as loud as she could and threw the gigantic axe into the air——

        The axe hit the red figure precisely. As the intruder was falling, Shuhai knelt at the ground powerlessly as well. Her right arm was swelling badly.

        “Those fugitives will come for their fellow. Now I just have to wait for the prey,” said the delighted Pangu, leaving the injured Shuhai alone.

        “Even with...all the effort I paid...You won’t even take a look at me?” Sobbing in agony, Shuhai returned to Heavenly Kingdom with her badly wounded arm.

        An unexpected news came in later on; not only Pangu didn’t arrest the intruder, but he was defeated in a nasty way. Although he managed to survive, he never felt grateful about it. Instead, he became even more irritated, ordering the Xians to track the intruders all the time.

        To Shuhai, she couldn’t care less about the status of those intruders. All she ever cared about was the well-being of Pangu. For this reason, bringing the freshly made medicine to Pangu had become a daily routine of Shuhai.

        Another day when she was at the pharmacy, something unorthodox happened; someone came over even earlier than Shuhai in the sneaky way. As Shuhai discreetly approached the target with her axe, the target coincidentally turned around and got startled by her, dropping all the bottles on the floor. At this moment, Shuhai finally relieved as she recognised the target.

        “Sorry for being rude at you, Ms. Nüwa.”

        “Oh hey Shuhai, it’s you. I’ve told you not to call me miss, ‘cause technically you’re older than me,” said the young girl Nüwa. Relieving herself, she picked up the medicine dropped on the floor.

        Shuhai was confused by the medicine Nüwa took; “Why do you need those? Are you injured?”

        “Huh? Oh right...Indeed. Ouch, my stomach hurts…”

        “But...that's trauma medicine. It won’t help with your stomach ache.”

        “Umm...I got cut when I was cooking last night, so I took it as well. Oh! It’s getting late. I gotta go.” Nüwa left in a hurry.

        Despite the awkwardness Shuhai sensed, she didn’t put it on her mind. She headed towards Pangu’s apartment with the medicine right away as usual. She could hear Pangu’s furious yell before even stepping inside. “How come you can’t find him! He’s badly wounded. There must be some traces! Search again!”

        When the dejected Xians walked past Shuhai, she suddenly had a flashback of Nüwa in the pharmacy. Her hunch was telling a message.

        “Could it be...Nüwa hiding the intruder…” The way Pangu paced like a trapped beast ached Shuhai.

        “I’ll take the risk even if it’s a shot in the dark.” Shuhai took a deep breath and walked into the apartment.

        “Mr. Pangu, I know where he is,” said Shuhai.

        “Tell me!” Pangu turned to Shuhai immediately, looking firmly into her eyes. At this moment, Shuhai felt like the happiest woman in the world.

        “All I want is one look from you, no matter what the cost is…” Shuhai smiled bitterly.

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