Account bindingEdit

Account binding is designed for players to play TOS in different device.

Social LoginEdit

For the first time you login the game, you can press "start now", or choose to connect to a social network account. If you choose to connect with a social network account, you can play with the game in different devices as long as you're using the same account.

Start nowEdit

If you choose "start now", the data will be lost when the game is removed in the device. In the future updated version, players can connect the account with any social network account if they haven't done so before.

Handling of multiple loginEdit

If there's another player login the same account from another device, the system will automatically log out the currently logged in account.

Options of Social NetworksEdit

Currently Chinese users can choose from Facebook, Twitter and Weibo to login; while English users can choose from Facebook and Twitter.


As long as players are playing with the version of the same language, they are on the same server. In other words, you can find players all over the world as long as they are using the same language for the game's interface, no matter they use Android or iOS devices.

Thus, accounts bound can be logged-in with different devices.

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