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        “All the feelings you had on the battlefield are illusions. Strength is the only thing that is real.”

        Since Achilles had gained his power, he lived in wars, fighting according to Hades’s orders as well as his own desire. He was dying for battles, as if the battlefield was the only place he belonged to. He could be seen wherever there was war.

        The war continued for months and no generals sent to the battlefield managed to come back alive. Even when their bodies were returned home, they were barely in one piece. The King was so much distressed that he lowered his head in worry, for there was already no one who would like to go into battle.

        “Your Majesty, would you kindly consider hiring mercenaries? They are experienced and would accomplish all the tasks given by us as long as we pay.”

        “Fine, fine. Do whatever you say.”

        Little Sean listened to his father and hid inside the bushes. From between the leaves he saw the whole battle. The battalion Sean’s father belonged to was well-known in the country for their capability, especially Sean’s father’s skills in fighting, therefore Sean was worried by the danger that confronted his father.

        At the beginning, the mercenaries had the upper hand. Though their opponents were demons, they got strength enough to spare. All of a sudden, there was somebody tall and strong coming to them from the fire... The morale of the demons was boosted at the moment he arrived. His scarlet sword was fully covered with blood, which was dripping onto the ground, leaving a trail at his back. In his other hand he held a head. Sean cast his eyes only to find that the head belonged to a mercenary he addressed as uncle.

        The mercenaries were forced to retreat in defeat after Achilles had showed up. Amid complete disorder, everyone was preoccupied with running and Sean was left behind. Wandering on the battlefield, Sean was looking for his father worriedly. Suddenly a demon dashed towards him, when Sean crouched down to dodge, his father rushed over and killed the demon. However, his father was injured so heavily that he knew he would not make it through, so he handed Sean his sword.

        “Take this! Ru - ” Before he could complete his words, a sword had already been pierced through Sean’s father.

        Flinging the body away, Achilles closed in on Sean, who was overwhelmed by what he had just seen. “There’s no need of the weak on the battlefield!” Sean, scared by the murderous aura of Achilles, soon blacked out. Before he had completely lost his consciousness, he could barely saw a clothed cat defending him from Achilles...