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        “This is not the right path for you!” Thetis shouted out loud while enveloped in a ray of light. Achilles' spear thrust landed on her shield, the clash reminiscent of a hammer strike. “I have to rectify my mistake!” said Thetis.

        All the soldiers on the field watched open-mouthed as a blast of red light dashed towards Achilles. Thetis attempted to knock him down with her enormous shield. But Achilles, having already lost his humanity, attacked in a frenzy. With his teeth, he violently broke the horse’s neck; it was from there crimson blood gushed out, permeating Achilles through his exposed wounds as if guided.

        “Rejoin my body!”

        The mystical horse dissolved into blood which streamed into Achilles’ body, fusing the power of Thetis and Achilles. Divine power warred internally with demonic power, clashing within their bodies.

        “Gods... I hate you all!”

        “Yes, go and banish every God who disturbs the realm of Humans!”

        “Destroy... slaughter every soldier!”

        “That’s right! I want to eliminate warring from the realm of Humans!”

        The souls of Achilles and Thetis became trapped inside their conjoined body; Gods were unable to help even if they wanted. Perhaps affected by Achilles’ Demon blood, Thetis transformed into a combative Goddess, changing from the Savant of Rules to the Untamed Warlord. Combined into one with Achilles, the two went on a punitive expedition, defeating troops of Gods and Demons on their own: all enemies facing Achilles died from his manic attacks; no one had ever survived after seeing the figure of Thetis with her flames ignited.

        “Let it burn! To lead the world back to the right track, we must first destroy all!”