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        “Gretchen...” Heisenberg weakly called for his daughter.

        “Dad, I am here.”

        Gretchen pitied Heisenberg; hence, she pretended to be his daughter and stayed beside him. Although the fake relationship had been short, the bond they developed between each other real. Knowing that Heisenberg was reaching the end of his life, Gretchen could not help but sadden...

        “I don’t have much time left...There is something I must tell you now.”

        To stay with Gretchen, to get beyond the time limit of life, Heisenberg modified his own body myriad times. However, he could do nothing about his brain. The old Heisenberg foresaw what would happen after his death: many will come, especially the mad scholar named Midgley, and rob his achievements,...

        “Gretchen, I want you to destroy every book and record of my research.” Heisenberg said.

        “But they are all your painstaking work...”

        “It doesn’t matter; the data is all in my brain. Besides, I’m transferring my devices onto you.”

        “Why? Without them — How can you live on!” Gretchen realized Heisenberg’s intention.

        “They are useless to me now. You need their power to protect yourself.”

        When the news of Heisenberg’s death spread, officials and scholars gathered in the city. They were all after his research results. To hide from the hunt, Gretchen escaped the city with Heisenberg’s head. At the entrance of Holylight City, a figure stepped in her way...

        “I told you. We will meet again.” Midgley bowed to Gretchen. She stepped back in shock. Gretchen never thought anyone could predict her father’s carefully-planned escape route.

        “Give me the results! Only I can continue his research; only I can understand what he has done!” Midgley approached and attempted to grab Heisenberg’s head. Gretchen leapt away without a moment of hesitation; Heisenberg’s devices enhanced her agility. She held her father’s head in one hand, and the giant fist in the other, preparing to fight.

        “Don’t take my daddy away!”

        “What if I refuse?”

        Gretchen did not answer. She dashed in front of Midgley. With a single blow, she torn off his metal arm; he fell onto his knees because of pain.

        “I’m sorry!” To ensure that he could not go after her, Gretchen grabbed one of his legs with great force and broke it.

        Midgley, now short an arm and a leg, could only let Gretchen run. However, he laughed maniacally. The capability of Ancient Dragon Power had detached him from sense of pain and instead, he became fanatical about it —