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        A crescent moon was high up the sky, yet the gleam of moonlight was no match for the golden glow that belonged to the sculpture on the eaves of the Palace of Longevity. At the moment the palace was vastly lit up, and beautiful music sounded from within. An array of handmaids were singing and dancing in the hall, yet their mistress remained gloomy. She raised her hand and dismissed them, leaving behind only the one .

        Daji, lying on a luxurious mattress, beckoned her maid in a lingerie. The maid immediately fetched her mistress a cup of fine wine. As Daji sipped her wine, the mellow flavor evaporated in her throat within, and became the fragrance of hers. She leaned against her maid and asked her seductively, “Xiaoyue, moan for me.”

        “I dare not do so, for I am such a priceless being.”

        “Don’t be afraid.” Daji pulled the maid gently into her arms. As the maid breathed in Daji’s pneuma, weariness came along with a high fever. She toppled into Daji’s embrace. Daji took a sip of the wine, enchanted it with her magic and fed the maid the wine with a kiss.

        “Come, shout it out loud.”

        The maid moaned as she begged Daji to stop the magic. Her breath became rapid. In Daji’s arms, she twisted and turned; her skin grew peach red. Seeing the girl bite her lips, Daji flicked her on the lips. The girl could no longer help moaning.

        “It’s all the Grand Preceptor’s fault, for he had demolished my bronze pillar!”

        Daji enjoyed as she watched the panting maiden, and indulged herself in her screams. To Daji, the ordinary girl finally became special. As the maid scream, Daji recalled those officials she burnt with the pillar, who regarded themselves as saints and refused to scream. What they did was only yelling about all those ideologies of loyalty, saying that the country was overwhelmed by evil, which Daji could only find tedious.

        Just then, the girl’s screaming came to an end — Daji’s enchantment forced her to scream endlessly, which suffocated the girl as a result. Satisfied, Daji once again held the girl in her arms. Her nine tails then appeared and wrapped the girl. As the flow of pneuma in the air was agitated, the body transformed into Daji’s appearance when the tails vanished. Daji conjured her double with fetching clothes. She confirmed that the double was beautifully dressed before ordering, “Go serve the king for me.”

        Upon receiving the order, the double left with an evil and seductive grin. Daji, who had transformed into a stream of mist, also returned to her bedroom.

        The vixen swallowed Daji’s soul and engulfed her pneuma, that it eventually took every part of her. She enchanted King Zhou with her spells and became the king’s favorite concubine. Sitting beside the king, she wrested control of the country from him. Her pneuma had grown stronger after she had come into power, that she was comparable to those who had reached enlightenment. However, after years of indulgence, Daji no longer knew whether it was life in the palace becoming tedious, or it was her getting fed up.

        “What should I do tomorrow?”

        Lying on her velvet bed, Daji gazed at the distant mountains. Outside the palace was the crescent moon up above the sky, but its gleam could never be as bright as the fire down the mountain, where wars had broken out.

        “Jiang Shang… How long will it take for you to come and see me?”