Aether was the deputy to Khaos, the lord of all Gods. Not only did Aether provide advice to Khaos, she was also responsible for studying the realm of Humans since their arrival. Aether excelled in astrology, and had been examining the relationship between the stars and the realm — when the stars converged, water levels would rise, flooding coastal areas; but when the stars scattered, the land would dry, splitting the ground with cracks…

        Aether recorded the stars’ positions and movements, allowing other Gods to easily understand the changes within the realm. One night, the stars were strange. They neither converged nor scattered. Instead, they circulated around each other, as if depicting something. Aether conjured weak light elements on her finger, and drew lines between the stars. Her drawing resulted in a peculiar symbol which appeared to be a cult’s sign. Seeing such eccentricity, Aether decided to personally visit the realm to observe the stars’ effect on the land at first hand.

        “The weather has become extreme under the effect of the unusual positioning of the stars. The land will not be able to sustain for long.” The realm of Humans grew dark; enormous waves emerged from the oceans, and massive earthquakes shook the land. Animals and Humans living in the realm were all rendered restless by the sudden change. Aether had never seen a situation like this before.

        “This is why I say ‘order’ is important. Without it, there would be unnecessary problems.” Aether could not help but feel annoyed. She loathed “surprises”.

        She summoned Gaia the Goddess of Life and Phanes the God of Fire, and asked them to soothe mystical beings and stabilize the treacherous current of elements. Then, she conjured a gigantic light sphere and shot it into the sky. The sphere exploded into numerous spots of light which shone upon the realm, driving away a part of the gloom that was covering the land. However, that did not completely solve the problem. Aether had to locate the cause of the strange positioning of the stars before the shining light elements dissipate, or the land would again be engulfed by darkness.

        Just then, Aether sensed immense yet unknown power coming from below her. She flew toward it and landed on a beach. The unknown power was not far away, so she searched on foot. She soon found the source of the power, and was surprised to see that it was a crevice on a stone wall.

        Aether carefully approached and examined the crevice. The stone wall was still wet; maybe it had long situated under the sea, and had only surfaced recently because of the strange fluctuations of the water levels. She conjured a light sphere and hurled it into the crevice. The sphere flew straight as if there were no bounds. Aether then realized: it was not an ordinary crevice, but an opening of a tunnel connecting the realm to a world of unknown time and space...

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