’You jerk! I never thought you’d be a cunning liar! You tricked me! Why are you keeping me here?’ Yog-Sothoth had been tricked into a unbreakable magic barrier by Zeus. She had tried multiple times to break through the barrier to no avail. No matter how hard she struck, the barrier remained without a scratch. She glared at Zeus, who stared at her with total contempt. His face sneered at Yog-Sothoth, an ancient demon who just lost her freedom forever.

        ’I made this barrier just for you! Enjoy yourself.’ As Zeus turned around to leave, he paused and looked back at Yog-Sothoth, ‘If you behave, I might consider setting you free again.’ The gate of the Holy City of Nibiru slammed shut after Zeus left. Only the short gasps of Yog-Sothoth could be heard in the barrier.....

        Yog-Sothoth made sure Zeus had left before before she summoned a bug to her. She wrapped the bug in her palms and transferred energy to it, which then gradually transformed and grew bigger. Yog-Sothoth kept pouring energy into the bug until it finally became a creature composed of water elemental power. She said, ‘Your name is Aforgomon. You will serve as my eyes and claws from now on. Spread my message to the world!’ Her voice awakened Aforgomon. Yog-Sothoth laid him down on the floor and he set off through the cracks of Holy City for the realm of men……

        After landing on the realm of men, Aforgomon roamed around as Yog-Sothoth told him to. He could alter his appearance as he pleased. Sometimes he was a werewolf, sometimes a gnome, and sometimes an elf. Most of the time he played the role of a ‘human’ wandering through the human cities and villages. He would eavesdrop on the people’s conversations, and he came to the conclusion that Zeus and the gods had tricked the humans into building the Enochian Tower in the name of ‘salvation’, for stealing the elemental power of the realm.

        ’This is the perfect opportunity to save Yog-Sothoth ’ Aforgomon decided to take advantage of the false hope Zeus gave to humans. He traveled around to spread the legend to convince people that ascending the Enochian Tower was the only way to save the realm from catastrophe. However, no one had ever succeeded……

        Aforgomon came to the gate of the Kingdom of Knights. He saw corpses all around the burnt black walls. The city had just been through a blood shed and war. Most buildings had collapsed. The depressed citizens were busy rebuilding their howntown. Aforgomon kept walking and saw several white tents, in which numerous wounded soldiers were lying on the ground. In the corner, two armored humans stared at the topographic map of the city, looked worried.

        ’We can’t hold the demons’ continuous attacks off for so long. Humans will be the first to fall in the war between Gods and Demons……’The blonde adolescent paused, and continued with a helpless voice, ‘Could it be the end of our race?’ ‘This....depends on... your choice…’ said Aforgomon at the entrance, catching the attention of the adolescent and the knight.

        The knight drew his sword and pointed it at Aforgomon in cloak, but the adolescent signaled him to ease off, ‘What does that mean?’ Aforgomon smiled and answered, ‘Ascend the Enochian Tower…...become the Savior……’ Water element gathered around him, sending up clouds of mist. ‘Freak!’ As the knight ran after Aforgomon, the adolescent thought about what Aforgomon said, and whispered to himself, ‘The gods sent people to build the Enochian Tower. Maybe reaching the top of the Tower is the only way to seek their help.’ The adolescent made up his mind and ordered the knights, ‘Recruit the best of the best soldiers all over the world! We are ascending the Enochian Tower!’

        Aforgomon listened in the dark. He grinned and left the Kingdom of Knights to set off for his next target. He continued to incite people to ascend the Tower in hopes of finding the one who could see through the Gods’ deception, break the Seals, and release Yog-Sothoth.

        Decades later, Aforgomon finally met the man who broke through the Seals of the Enochian Tower. This man who could control the heroic spirits’ power and had an unshakable will. To save Yog-Sothoth, Aforgomon followed the man and secretly offered help when needed.

        ’It was all for…...Yog-Sothoth……’ grinned Aforgomon as the man broke through the Ocean of Gates. No one had ever got so far. Aforgomon was ready to meet his master again.

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