On the day Agatha parted with her family, she asked her parents where she was going and what she had to do.

        “Agatha, the flame will decide for you.” The elder’s watery eyes was as clear as usual. “You can still see the flame, right?” Young Agatha nodded. She tried to capture a falling spark in the air, but she was stopped by the elder. Her clansman believed what she said, but from their reactions, she knew that she was the only one who could see the fire. “You just have to live on... and let the flame make the other decisions!”

        Agatha could merely remember that she was with the elder back then, and that she left the tribe under the blessings of the witch of fire. Her memories were unclear. She just remembered that her tiny body embraced by the lean hand of the elder, and her tail wrapped around the elder’s coarse robe. She was not crying. After all, she did not know then that she would be leaving forever. Those past memories were as ambiguous as the smoke from an extinguished bonfire. The only thing that she could not forget was the feeling of the embrace.

        ‘They are the fire. The scales reflect the glints of flame... It is the flame, the eternal fire.’

        Agatha smiled all the time. She was energetic and optimistic. Her hands were always holding those with scales and she always walked in front of her companions. Agatha harmonized her Dracospirits with her own talents. The Fire Ethereal Dragons were flying around her and the fire elements hugged her warmly. She could feel the desires of the Dracospirits - they wanted to explode themselves and set everything on fire, just like Agatha wanted herself to be ignited by something. However, Agatha remembered her parents’ biddings, which asked her to keep her life burning in the eternal flame. Later, when the Dragon Followers attacked the wizards, the Dragon Maidens left the wizards making use of the chaos. However, Agatha was captured while she helped her companions. The wizards caught her and chained her to a boulder to prevent her from flying away when she was beckoned by the dragon of fire.

        “I ain’t being trapped. It’s just like... You won’t say the flame is trapped on the firewood, would you?” — Agatha the Dragon Maiden

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