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        Scholars stood around a desk, heatedly discussing how to continue their research. Each raised their own opinion, but the old leading scholar shook his head as he deemed their ideas inapplicable.

        “Teacher, why don’t we reverse the formula and think from that direction?”

        A girl in wheelchair asked the old scholar. Other scholars thought she was simply babbling and jeered at her one after another. “That’s impossible!”, “Nonsense.”, “Children should mind their own business.”...however, the old scholar waved his hand, signaling the others to quiet down. “Agnesi, continue.” “Thank You, teacher.”

        Agnesi started to explain her theory; the content of which shocked all of the scholars,while the old scholar, on the other hand, smiled. Every word she said further dazzled them, and the old scholar’s smile grew even greater. When Agnesi finished her speech, the scholars applauded for her and the old scholar could not stop praising the girl.

        “That’s why you are my most gifted student. Marvelous, marvelous!”

        “Thank you for your compliment, teacher.”

        The girl bowed only slightly in acceptance of such acclaim; this confidence delighted the old scholar even more.

        When the other scholars had left, the old scholar talked to Agnesi. He deemed Agnesi qualified to learn his skills and told her that he would pass on all his knowledge to her. Hearing this, the girl smiled. Agnesi, credited as a young genius,mastered the knowledge and skills of the old scholar in almost no time. What he admired most was that she modified her own wheelchair.

        Among all the old scholar knew, Ancient Dragon Power particularly fascinated Agnesi. She began to dive into research about techniques related to the mechanical dragons. She was completely obsessed by the Ancient Dragon Power. Their metallic feeling made her feel safe and relaxed. Agnesi realized that such power could change herself, and change the world. She merged what she gained from her research with mechanical techniques the old scholar taught her. However, the serious illness came with her birth stagnated her research...

        “Stalled research is worse than torture of illness...” — Agnesi