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        Agnesi’s illness relapsed. She knew that she would not live much longer. To continue with her research, Agnesi understood that she first had to prolong her own life. The mechanical techniques learnt from her teacher was the only way out, so she looked for help from the puppet craftswoman in the city. When she saw that the craftswoman was metallic from the neck on, she knew she had found the right person.

        At first, Agnesi did not ask for her favor. She knew it was unwise to greet her with a “I want to be like you.” Moreover, the craftswoman was always frowning in depression, so Agnesi chatted with her on other topics. The two became friends soon.

        However, whenever Agnesi mentioned Ancient Dragon Power, gloominess would show on the craftswoman’s face. The clever Agnesi would then move to a different topic; her heart realized that the craftswoman also knew of the power. Agnesi did not mention what she wanted to discuss until they have had several conversations.

        “Agnesi, are you sure you want to do this?”

        “I am not content with the briefness of my life!”

        “OK. Don’t regret it.”

        When Agnesi woke up, she could feel her new life. She lifted her left hand to absorb fire elements, gathering them in a web-shaped sphere. Agnesi smiled bewitchingly as she knew this was Ancient Dragon Power. She absorbed the fireball with her hand. Feeling the elemental power resonating with Ancient Dragon Power, she tilted back her head and laughed maniacally.

        “Lisa, so this is Ancient Dragon Power?”

        “Yes and no.”

        “Haha. Still, Thank You.”

        Agnesi understood that this new friend had hidden the secret of Ancient Dragon Power. Although Agnesi focused only on her research, she was not a cold-blooded person. This puppet craftswoman is the first person, after her teacher, who did not look down on her. Hence, she did not dig deeper into the topic of Ancient Dragon Power. Back to her laboratory, Agnesi sensed the advantages of her new body. Not only could she carry out her research in the laboratory, but also trace the dragons by herself in the realm.

        “Do not stay in your laboratory. Only through personal questing could you truly carry out your research.” — Agnesi the Exorcistic Scholar