On an arable land, humans kept grubbing for good like walking dead with muddy hands. Even though they were scratched to bleed by gravel, they still continued.

        Suddenly, an emaciated villager let out a shout of excitement, raising a healthy sweet potato on his hand. “Look! I finally find one,” he overjoyed.

        No matter a hypoplastic plant, or a dry, withered fruit, they all felt happy as soon as they saw something eatable. Now that a healthy potato was found, it was like a drop of water after a prolonged drought. Therefore, all villagers, acting like starving beasts, pounced on the man who discovered the potato.

        Agni sprinted towards the crowd and yelled, “Don’t stand in the way!”

        Born with exceptional strength, he pushed those villagers away and went straight to the center. He had been waiting for this great timing to enjoy the fruits of others’ without having worked hard.

        In a stage of chaos, some were knocked to the ground. The starved-to-death villagers just trampled them underfoot mercilessly, which made them groan in pain; and some lost their balance, stumbling on the others. Then, they all fell down like domino. Agni tried hard to hold up his body with both hands as a pile of people had fallen on his back.

        A low voice in sanskrit reached his ears. He peeped at an able-bodied man through the crowd. Agni was sure that the one speaking was him. That man made a mudra by crossing his fingers on the inside of his hands, without the thumbs. Then, he let the thumbs touch at the tops, and pulled them slightly up. Although Agni did not see any visible form of power, he could feel his breathtaking mightiness.

        After a while, as the soothing sanskrit stopped, the restlessness of the villagers were alleviated.

        Agni noticed that the weight of his body had gradually reduced. The people, who started coming to their senses, got up and helped take care of other injured villagers voluntarily. They did not fight for food anymore; someone even brought the potato back to the owner.

        “This must be the power of that man!” Agni was utterly surprised that how those villagers could possibly get rid of their selfishness within such a short time. He flung away the person who wanted to bandage him, ignored the casualties on ground and went to find that mysterious man.

        Agni chased the man to the unknown highlands, where he took in everything at a glance - barren, drought and dead silence. However, somewhere far away from him, there was a prosperous land behind the mountains. Protected by city walls, the place filled with fluttering flags. It was the largest, vibrant country on the mainland.

        Agni called the mysterious man from behind and offered a condition, “may I make a deal with you, master?”

        The man looked back and answered him with a smile. “My name is Indra. I’m not a master, nor a merchant. And I know nothing about a deal.”

        “If you aren’t a master, how can you change people’s minds? Teach me. We can do it together, control their mindset and snatch all their food. Then we don’t need to fear for starving anymore!” While speaking, Agni threatened Indra by pulling up his collar with feet off the ground.

        Indra shook his head. “Do you know what will happen when a drop of ink is added into water?”

        “What do you mean!”

        “Chakra is like pure water. It gives birth to all forms of lives; it moisturizes the earth. Refusing to accept it will never understand the essence of the chakra. If the water is contaminated, it will bring nothing but harm to us. That’s not how it works.” Indra gazed at him with his eyes calm like water. Frightened by his aura, Agni let go of him.

        Then, he felt dejected, sitting on the ground. Provoked by Indra’s words, Agni sneered like a madman. “Indra...chakras...what the heck is he talking about? He turns down my offer, and I’ll crush him like a pest!”

        Agni spat on this barren, deserted land. His sinister gaze started lingering over that prosperous country.

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