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        “Hahaha! I’m strong! No one can stop me!!” Howls of laughter scared off a swarm of birds in the woods, bringing restlessness in the air. A young man Akechi waved his half-length katana to cut off a row of trees together with 3 mad men. An unprecedented sense of satisfaction lingered on his mind - he was invincible. “I’m the chosen one! After 28 days, I can fulfill my wish, which is to defeat Nobunaga!”
        Suddenly, a shadow with great speed had drawn Akechi’s attention. Feeling excited, he licked his lips and hunted the prey down. The shadow came and went like a ghost, looming in the woods. Akechi followed the figure out of the forest to empty cliffs. Then, a strange noise came from somewhere.
        “Darn! It’s a trap!” However, it was too late for Akechi to spot it. The explosion blasted away the rocks on the cliffs; Akechi barely balanced his body by piercing the katana into the ground. Wounded by the explosion, he was tottering at a great height with his right arm bleeding.
        “Impossible! I’ve acquired the power, but now...So I still can’t beat Nobunaga in the end...”
        “Akechi, catch my hand!” a burly young man reached out as he shouted. “Nobunaga, why are you here?” Akechi asked in astonishment. “I wanna ask you too! Get up first!”
        Akechi grabbed his hand to climb up, and saw a man and a girl standing behind Nobunaga. He introduced them one by one after Akechi got his breath back. “Akechi and I have been friends since we were young. He is clever and strong. I’m sure he can help!” Nobunaga said as he tapped on Akechi’s shoulder.
        “He is strong, but he almost fell off the cliffs,” Hideyoshi mocked at him with his golden fan covering his mouth. Akechi immediately felt embarrassed and grumbled at Nobunaga.
        “So, I’m not the only chosen one ...Nobunaga still gets in my way even in this ghostly place!” Akechi looked displeased, but Nobunaga was not aware of that and walked away to the edge of the cliffs. “This is...the smell of gunpowder. It seems that someone wants to kill you.” Nobunaga took a handful of sand and smelled.
        “No,” Nohime denied. “Not only him. Someone wants to kill us all, in order to stop us from fulfilling our wishes.” “Wish?” Nobunaga was puzzled.
        “Didn’t you guys come here for your wishes?” “Right. As long as you survive after 28 days, your wish will come true.” Akechi and Hideyoshi said separately.
        “I’ll make it happen on my own. Why do you rely on others to fulfill your wish?” Nobunaga wore a confident smile, and then eyed the crowd of mad men lurking in the forest.
        “It seems that it’s not a good time to chat now.” Just as Akechi was about to raise his weapon, Nobunaga pressed his hand down and said, “Akechi, you’re injured. Leave them to me and Nohime.”
        A flash of red light shone in the eyes. Nobunaga conjured a spear on his right hand, and charged at the mad men with Nohime. Bringing up the rear, she shot hidden darts to cover Nobunaga’s action. The teamwork was perfect, as if their minds were in sync. Before long, the enemies were all taken down.
        “Impressive! It was an excellent fight! Just be my vassals, ok? I’ll treat you well——Ah! Just kidding!” Hideyoshi got carried away, but soon he stopped talking as Nohime put her dagger on his neck. Watching Nobunaga’s fight, a sense of humiliation emerged in Akechi’s heart again. He could not bear it anymore and wanted to leave, but Nobunaga held his back.
        “Where are you going, Akechi? You’ll hurt yourself——” “I’m not a kid. It’s none of your business!”
        Akechi’s anger interrupted him. Then he strode into the forest.
        “Kill...kill everyone…” A low murmur of voices echoed in the air. Sensing the hostility, Akechi conjured a katana with the plate on his waist immediately. He waved the weapon backhanded to unleash an attack, but it was blocked by the shadow out of his expectation. That person was much stronger than other enemies on the island. Akechi turned around and adopted an on guard posture. He was stunned by what he saw. The one standing in front of him was not even a human, but a beast…
        “That Shingen?” “Akechi...more newcomers again…” “Why are you here?” “I’m deceived! To achieve my wish, I have to kill everyone...That bastard Hattori...! My head hurts…” Shingen’s blood vessels were bloated. He seemed to be controlled by something, and his eyes kept moving weirdly.
        “Are you okay?” As Akechi wanted to check his condition, Shingen suddenly crushed the ground with his weapon——Crashed! The rocks were shattered; the gravel had scratched Akechi's face to bleed.
        “What a monstrous power! Luckily I dodged it. Otherwise, I’ll be dead!” Akechi rolled under a tree, wiped the blood and remained alert to Shingen, who was approaching him with a long sword. Akechi held his breath, waiting for the right timing to dodge his attack. Then, he leaped to the back of Shingen with the katana pointing at his throat——
        “Ah! No one can defy——” Akechi made a lunge for Shingen before he finished his words, cutting his throat to death. Feeling exhausted, Akechi gasped for breath, leaning against his katana.
        “I’m deceived...No, it’s just changing the game rule. Kill everyone, and my wish shall be fulfilled…” Akechi looked up, with his eyes filling with bloodlust.
        “Nobunaga, this time I’ll defeat you! It’s my purpose for coming here!”