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        In the war between Gods and Demons, some of the warriors of the Gods were contaminated by the blood of the Demons. Bizarre limbs grew from their wounds while their minds filled with evil cries. Their commanders ordered them to stay in heaven for recuperation. Some of the warriors recovered after the limbs were removed; some of them were engulfed by the power of the Demons; while the rest took control of the power by overcoming the agony.

        Alma was one of those who managed to seize the power. Her indomitable will triumphed over her scorpion tail, dominating the tail and hence the immense power it brought forth. After prolonged suffering, her golden hair became blood red and her clear blue eyes was then an enchanting violet. Apart from the physical changes, she also became a cold and merciless person as well. She returned to the battlefield as an assassin and was commissioned by the general to execute the traitors, carrying the sentence of death out on the warriors contaminated by the blood of the Demons.

        Alma regarded her targets as failures. “Only those who’ve got no willpower, weak and give up easily would be controlled by the Demons!” She lurked in the dark side of the army, delivering a merciful blow on those poor souls who were put under the thumb of the power of the Demons.