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        Azazel led his Water Dragon to invade the sea. Although Aloha cast them out in time, the killer whales fidgeted while the sea raged.

        At first, Aloha thought the killer whales simply needed some time to recover. However, the situation worsened day by day. While seeking food or swimming around, they would often leave the team. However, the sea was too calm. Aloha thought for a long time, trying to figure out why the sea was this way but to no avail.

        One day, a sharp whistle suddenly echoed in Aloha’s ears…

        “Where is this sound coming from...It’s so sharp...” Aloha frowned and covered his ears with his hands, but still failed to block the sound. The whistle was like a string, alternating from broad and blunt to narrow and sharp. It limitlessly extended towards the ear, penetrated the brain and hit the nervous system’s core. No one can block it by simply covering his or her ears. Due to the sound, Aloha couldn’t sleep for days. He was too exhausted to concentrate on anything. One time, he almost lost his way when guiding the killer whales on a food hunting trip.

        When Aloha took a rest, an idea came to mind: “Do I have to find another place to settle down…?”

        He looked at the small killer whale next to him, who was flipping around in the sea. Aloha began to notice that the whistle not only affected him, but also disturbed the killer whales. However, he wasn’t going to surrender to this intangible enemy or forced to be expelled from the sea by this noise. As a Druid, he would never leave his family…

        As he experienced an internal struggle, a hiss echoed in his ears. Two whales close by were biting each other on the fins. The other whales were shocked and frantically swam around. Aloha immediately intervened to stop the whales from hurting each other, but they suddenly crowded together and charged towards Aloha to attack him! Aloha turned around to dodge their attack but the killer whales continued to chase after him. Only the small killer whale stayed still, shivering.

        “Run!” Aloha carried the small whale. Instantly, the whistle sound echoed louder in his brain. Suffering from a terrible headache, he screamed. The sea chaotically waved up and down when the whistle suddenly stopped for a minute or two. The killer whales ceased their attack. Aloha held his head with his hands while the small whale slipped away. The whistle was alleviated.

        “Why was the whistle fainter just now...” Aloha immediately calmed down to think of strategies. However, the killer whales still swam around frantically while the small killer whale looked exhausted and was about to die.

        Aloha approached the small killer whale again. However, when he touched it the whistle echoed in his brain again. “No...” He shivered: “So you are the origin of the whistle…”

        The small whale looked dull and about to faint, unaware that Aloha was frustrated with him.

        “I can’t kill my companion, and this is definitely not the small whale’s fault...” Aloha murmured and thought, “Is it a curse of some sorts, or...What can I do to stop the whistle...”

        While he contemplated, the killer whales were killing each other again, but Aloha could not abandon the small whale. Aloha screamed again, and the whistle ceased for a few seconds. Aloha suddenly realized something: “The whistle stopped for a couple of seconds when I screamed. This will do the job!”

        While battling the Water Dragon, Aloha expelled it with a water spout. Now that he has decided to face the Water Dragon again, this time he wasn’t going to use the spout, instead he was going to scream.

        He screamed with all his strength.
        Sound waves traveled across the water.
        He continuously screamed until it successfully overpowered the whistle…

        Then Aloha stopped screaming. The sea was silent and the only sound that could be heard was his breath…

        “The whistle...Has it stopped?” Aloha looked around and found that all the killer whales had turned back to normal and the small whale gradually recovered. The small killer whale tilted forward and spat out a few fragments of silver stones. Aloha picked them up. Upon touching them, they felt familiar to Aloha—these stones reminded him of Azazel’s silver accessories.

        “Demons will soon rule over the sea...How dare they use such filthy tactics!” Aloha smashed the silver stones and thought: I have to be more cautious and guard the sea...