Edward Elric’s little brother. Like his big brother, he used to be a blonde boy with golden eyes, but he lost his entire body when the brothers failed to transmute their mother. Ed’s desperate actions allowed only his soul to be transmuted back to the world, and he is able to live by attaching his soul to a fullmetal armor.

Currently, he wanders the lands with Ed in search of a way to return to his original body. Unlike his older brother, despite the human transmutation, he was unable to transmute things without a transmutation circle. However, after retrieving the memory of the “truth” during the battle of Devil’s Nest, he can now transmute without a circle like his big brother.

Personality-wise, he is calmer and more collected than Ed, and often serves as a mediator for his big brother, who tends to run out of control. His skills at martial arts exceeds that of Ed as well.

Due to the fact that he has an armor for a body, he doesn’t get tired and he doesn’t feel anything tactile such as heat, cold, and pain. At the same time, he cannot eat or sleep either.

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