Trapped in the Dark Cove, the lonely Loki was devoured by elements. Moved by his longing for Hel, his beloved daughter, the elements had created a vision of an alternative life to soothe him. However, Loki was unruly. He did not want the pity from the others. And the elements started vibrating again, digging out the past memories that had been haunting him for years in his deep soul…

        “Roar——” In the center of a huge ritual hall, a green dragon was couching on a magic circle created by five stone pillars. It struggled so hard to break free from the enchantment, giving out a deafening howl. But no matter how it tried, the efforts were in vain.

        “Poor creature.” A shadow came to the hall without making any noise. He played with the skull necklace on his collar, holding his gaze at this green dragon——the Dragon of Poison that all gods were in awe of.

        “You and I are like each other…” Loki burst into laughter, as if the thought of something funny. The Dragon of Poison, which seemed to feel his insult, struggled violently. At this moment, Loki stop laughing. “We both possess strong power, but are fooled by fate. You lost your freedom; and I lost my beloved one…”

        “We both loathe this world. I’ll set you free, so you can help me to destroy the realm and bring down those sinful gods!” Loki gathered godly power; dark elements were conjured on his hands and became ominous elemental spheres.

        He stooped down and leapt towards the dragon. When Loki got close to it, he casted the spheres over the magic circle——

        Bang——! Loki was knocked flying to the wall, which was smashed into pieces. Fallen to the ground, he crawled out of rubbles, wiped out the blood on his mouth and smiled at two giant stone knights which suddenly appeared in front of him. “I should’ve known that Odin wouldn’t be so careless to leave this place unguarded. Now it’s so much more interesting.”

        “The Dragon of Poison is the most venomous creature in this world. If you set it free, the realm will be doomed,” the knight on the right warned.

        “Trespasser, why do you want to break the circle,” asked the knight on the left.

        “Why…” Loki sniggered. “Because I want to.”

        “Nonsense! Leave before we kill you!”

        “You alone can’t defeat us. Get out of here!”

        “If I can’t do it alone, then…” A giant serpent and a purple wolf were summoned with dark elements. “Now we’re in fair play,” he taunted.

        Following his whistle, the serpent and wolf sprinted from both sides to attack the knights. The serpent opened its mouth to engulf one; and the wolf swung its claw against the other——

        “Small trick.” The knight raised a sword to counter the serpent’s attack. At the same time, it elbowed the serpent few meters away.

        “These minions can’t even touch us.” The knight on the right speared the wolf and threw it away.

        “Now, it’s my turn.” During the gap in their fight, Loki ran towards the knights instantly. Covered by a dark elemental armor, he caught both of their heads unexpectedly and prevented them from moving.

        “You can’t break the circle even if you captured us.”

        “It’s just a waste of time.”

        “You’re right, but they can.” The defeated serpent and wolf turned back to dark elements, which them became a gigantic sphere with the use of his godly power. The sphere started moving above the magic circle as well as all of them.

        “You’re planning to——No! Stop it! You aren’t gonna survive if you do this!”

        “I have no reason to live anymore. Let me see which is tougher - the curse to my fate, or my hatred!” Loki had no fear at all because the moment when he lost Hel, he already lost the meaning of his life.

        As the dark elemental sphere moved to Loki, the strong collision crushed everything in the hall. When the darkness faded away, nothing was left except the injured Loki and the Dragon of Poison. Those stone pillars were shattered on the magic circle, meaning the seal was broken.

        “Hel, it seems I can’t come with you yet. There is one more person I need to deal with.” Loki stood up covering his bleeding right arm. As he heard footsteps coming, he wore a satisfied smile...

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