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        With everyone’s support, Dumuzi devoted himself to establish the tribe and bring more technologies for the convenience of residents. Sensing his weariness, the elemental power created a vision to soothe his mind…

        “We shall go back soon, but before that, a leader must be chosen for mankind, and you’re selected to take up this role.”
        “You must lead the Humans to become stronger.”
        Dumuzi accepted Anu’s delegation to guide the ancient humans. He taught them technologies, knowledge; he brought the scattered crowd together, setting up a strong tribe. Although Dumuzi was exhausted by the workload everyday, he was willing to take it with the support of Inanna and other friends.
        However, peaceful days didn’t last long. The coastal villages governed by Gilgamesh began to raid on other small tribes to consolidate his own force. If the situation continued, sooner or later Dumuzi’s tribe would end up being the same. Therefore, he invited a patriarch of the largest tribe nearby to his place. Hopefully with the united power, they could be able to rival Gilgamesh.
        At night, Dumuzi started to talk about an alliance after a wonderful supper. The patriarch was not a fatuous man. He already knew Dumuzi’s purpose of this invitation.
        “Dumuzi, for our alliance, I have to take it into careful consideration. Maybe the entire alliance thing is just a decoy. The truth is you covet my tribe, who knows?”
        “I’ve never thought about this!” Dumuzi retorted. “If we don’t unite against Gilgamesh, our tribes will be destroyed! Please trust me!” Dumuzi requested as he made a bow.
        “Trust is intangible. I can’t rely on that...Alright, promise me one thing. Then I’ll join you.”
        “What is it? I’ll get it done no matter how hard it is.”
        “It’s not a difficult task. To ensure the status of my tribe, you need to marry my daughter.”
        “I…” Dumuzi pulled a long face. A flash of Inanna’s face had popped out in his mind.
        “You’re in love with someone else? It’s okay. I don’t mind how many concubines you have, but my daughter is going to be your wife.”
        Dumuzi did not say a single word in the face of patriarch’s request. Then, he made an excuse to send the patriarch away. There was no one else but Dumuzi in the hall. Walking to the terrace, he looked at the entire village; twinkling lights were swaying gently. It was warm and peaceful.
        “To protect the tribe, I have no choice.”
        After making up his mind, Dumuzi came to Inanna’s room. With delight, she fell into his arms immediately, as if a butterfly was attracted by a flower. When seeing his puzzled face, Inanna wiped the smile off her face and asked, “what’s going on?”
        Dumuzi told her that he was going to marry patriarch’s daughter. Knowing this truth, Inanna was numb with shock. Then, she distanced herself from Dumuzi; hot tears welled up in her eyes, and her shoulders kept trembling.
        “Inanna, I have no choice——”
        “I don’t want you to be shared with the others! If I can’t become your one-and-only wife, this relationship is meaningless to me!” Inanna pushed him away and ran out of the house. Dumuzi wanted to grab her hand, but he stopped it finally.
        “What can I do even though I ask her to stay...It will be hypocritical of me to comfort her.”
        Dumuzi was well aware of Inanna’s love. When the mutual trust was betrayed, it would turn into strong hatred. Next day, she was gone, and there was a letter left, saying that she was going to help those residents living in the border.
        Although Dumuzi has been searching for her whereabouts, it was of no avail. He was worried about Inanna, but to maintain the daily operation of the tribe, he was unable to leave for her.
        Today was the wedding ceremony of Dumuzi and the patriarch’s daughter. This marriage involved the interests between the two tribes, so it had to be grand. Both of them got into a carriage and set off like a parade. People gathered around to give a big cheer and send their blessing on them. However, Dumuzi was not happy at all. His eyes lingered over the crowd, trying to find the one he actually loved even with just a glimmer of hope, but she was not there.
        The wedding concluded smoothly. As expected, Dumuzi’s tribe was getting stronger and stronger, which had threatened Gilgamesh’s force. In fear of his existence, Gilgamesh eventually submitted to Dumuzi and sent an emissary for the peace talks. After accepting Gilgamesh’s alliance, Dumuzi’s tribe was growing rapidly, which successfully enhanced the living quality of the residents.
        Although everything went well as expected, Dumuzi’s heart was empty and vacuous…

        “Something has to be sacrificed for the greater good. If losing my happiness can foster the development of tribe or even Humans, I’m willing to do so.”