Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 5

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        In this cozy morning, Amber was enjoying a warm sunbathing at the school rooftop. All of a sudden, a shiny reflection interrupted her beauty sleep.

        “Mmm...Where does that light come from?” Waking up from a slumber, Amber didn’t take long to search for the source of that reflection——a running “girl” dressing in the same uniform with Amber.

        Of course Amber wouldn’t know that the “girl” was actually Diamond, a boy in disguise. At this moment, she was merely drawn by Diamond’s reflected sparkles.

        “She’s a diamond minerelf...Her reflection is truly captivating…” Leaning against the fence, Amber watched Diamond running from the intersection to the school at the end of the street; yet Diamond stopped in front of the gate.

        “What’s wrong? Oh...She’s helping an eldery walk up the slope...but she’s about to be late…”

        Diamond headed back to the school after saying goodbye to the eldery, but the gate was closing. As Diamond sped up, Amber also felt the intensity as a bystander. She clenched her fists and whispered, “keep it up. You’re so close.”

        Unfortunately, her cheer didn’t come true. When Diamond didn’t make it, Amber felt disappointed as if she had been through the same.

        “Huh? What...What’s she doing?”

        Diamond, not giving up, took off his shoes and decided to get in by climbing over the wall. Worrying that he might get caught, Amber gripped the fence tight and watched silently. This anxiety was rarely seen on the usually indifferent Amber.

        Amber didn’t relieve until Diamond had successfully climbed over. With a faint smile on the face, she felt a joy greater than herself getting away from lateness.

        Ever since then, Amber had been searching for Diamond’s reflection. She had witnessed him helping a stranger unloading; She had witnessed him catching a startled cat for a lady...Observing Diamond had become a daily routine for Amber, and she knew him before they got to know each other.

        As time went by, Diamond had gradually occupied Amber’s mind. So she recognised Diamond immediately when he was in danger on the rooftop, saving him without hesitation.

        “She smells so the blanket dried under sunlight, so refreshing and warm…”

        Just when she was thinking about Diamond again, the door of the rooftop was opened as if it sensed her thought.

        The dazzling Diamond came to the rooftop, looking at Amber in the eyes. His beauty was untainted even when he had an unmatching rebellious smile on his exquisite face.

        “I found you,” said Diamond.

        Amber remained muted, for she was overwhelmed by Diamond’s unexpected visit. Her silent gaze gave a wrong impression to Diamond. He scratched his cheek awkwardly and asked, “don’t you recognise me?”

        “...I do. You have a special scent.”

        “What?” Diamond was confused, but he didn’t bear it on his mind. Next second, he bowed respectfully to Amber.

        “I’m here to thank you.”

        “What for?”

        “Well, you saved me from danger, and you wouldn’t have been all wet if it wasn’t for me…” Diamond felt guilty as he said. “I want to send you a gift as a token of gratitude. Do you have anything you like?”

        “Mmm…” Pondering for a moment, Amber pointed her finger at Diamond and said, “I like you.”

        “WHAT——” The startled Diamond stuttered immediately, “b-but we’re girls...doesn’t it sound weird?”

        “Why would it be?” Amber tilted her head in perplexment.

        “I like you because you’re interesting. Does it sound weird?”

        “...So you like me in that way.” Diamond felt relieved, but also a hint of disappointment deep down.

        “No no no. Stop the stray thoughts. She is the first girl who won’t make me nauseous...I wanna know why. I must find a way to keep her with me...I got it!” When Diamond was in a panic, he glimpsed at Amber’s animal book wrap.

        “I heard that there’s an animal cafe in downtown. They have all kinds of cute animals. All my classmates love the place. Since you don’t want gifts from me, how about a feast?”

        “I like that too,” said Amber enthusiastically, as if her eyes were glittering. Her look amused Diamond.

        “Let’s go this weekend then.”

        At the moment, Diamond didn’t expect that this decision would change their fate...

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