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Northern Dipper Story Ch. 7

        A young man carrying two baskets of oranges stood in front of a ragged house. Above the porch, there was a plaque named “Northern Dipper Agency”.

        “I bet Ju Men will ask if I was casted out of Heavenly Kingdom; Tan Lang will ask me if I met any hot girls, and Zi Wei will ask if I had any bone-chilling adventure...It’s been a long time. I miss them all,” said the man with a heart-warming smile. Full of nostalgia, he knocked on the door.

        “Who’s that? Here to get a job done?”

        Opening the door, Ju Men poked his head out to peep. A joyful grin appeared on his face once he saw the man.

        “Lu Cun! It’s really you! Shouldn’t you be in extensive training with the senior Xians? Did you get expelled too?”

        “I’m here to visit you guys,” said Lu Cun, handing the oranges to Ju Men.

        “What? Lu Cun’s here? I heard that there were a lot of hotties in the academy! I’m so jealous of you,” Tan Lang rushed to the doorstep and said.

        “You must have been through many exorcism adventures! Tell me every story of them!” Zi Wei welcomed Lu Cun into the house.

        “You guys have never changed a bit,” said Lu Cun, smiling at his lovely fellows. All seven Xians were excited when they knew that Lu Cun would stay over for a few days.

        Lu Cun had grown up with the seven Northern Dipper Xians in Heavenly Kingdom. He used to be the caretaker and the big brother in the group. Later on in his teenagehood, he was selected by a senior Xian for his exceptional talent in Xian arts. Since then, Lu Cun had left his Northern Dipper fellows training for years till now.

        “Everyone has to work ‘cause we’ve been receiving more job orders lately. But now that you’re here, let us take turns and show you around the town!” Ju Men suggested with a bright smile.

        For the next few days, Lu Cun had become the focus of the six Xians. Everything was fine at the beginning; As Lu Cun’s stay went on, his popularity among the fellows began to make Zi Wei anxious.

        “We gotta catch up with the 100 wishes. You guys have been slacking off lately,” Zi Wei complained, pouting at the six Xians who were centering around Lu Cun.

        “We haven’t seen him for a century! Plus we didn’t stop working either,” said Po Jun, who sat next to Lu Cun while chatting about everything the Northern Dipper had missed in Heavenly Kingdom. The rest of the Xians agreed with him.

        Zi Wei left the agency grumpily as her words were not taken seriously, calming herself down at the riverside nearby. Lu Cun, following behind, sat down next to her.

        “Feeling upset?” Lu Cun asked.

        The grumpy Zi Wei ignored Lu Cun’s care, but her cold attitude didn’t turn him down.

        “Do you remember the old days? You’re still the same reckless girl I grew up with, who always scared us off with your immature Xian arts,” said Lu Cun, walking down the memory lane with a smile.

        Giggling for a second, Zi Wei held her laughter in an attempt to refute. At this moment, Lu Cun continued, “but we always stayed with you in every practice, for we knew that even if you turned us into pigs, you would always find a way to fix us.”

        Lu Cun’s words had put Zi Wei into deep thought, reminding her of the long-lasting trust of her fellows. Even though her recklessness had gotten the Northern Dipper expelled from Heavenly Kingdom, none had blamed her even once…

        “Zi, Zi Wei!”

        A shout from Lian Zhen brought Zi Wei back to reality. All she saw was the freaked out Lian Zhen, who was asking for help while running.

        “T-The octopus t-took them!”


        Zi Wei was jumped by the sudden threat. On the way back to her fellows, Lian Zhen filled her in with the cause of the clashes.

        “A client said that he lost a memorable piece at the waterfront. When we were searching for it, an octopus kidnapped Wen Qu and Wu Qu all of a sudden!”

        Lu Cun, who had been following behind, hurried his pace as he found the seriousness of the threat. When the three Xians arrived at the waterfront, they realized that it wasn’t an octopus but a vicious octopus gang they were up against. The leading octopus was significantly greater in size, which was the one tackled by He Xian’gu earlier.

        “WHOA——!” Lian Zhen screamed out loud, for she was captured by a tentacle. Going forward, Lu Cun and Zi Wei found their fellows all dangled in the air by the notorious octopuses.

        At this moment, Lu Cun instructed Zi Wei with a hint of sternness on his gentle face.

        “Zi Wei, later on when I stall them with the Xian lasso, you take the chance to save them first!”

        Next second, Lu Cun conjured several Xian lassos to tie down the octopus tentacles, restraining their movements. Meanwhile, Zi Wei seized the moment to attack the octopuses, forcing them to release her fellows. As the Xians were freed, they returned to ground with Lu Cun and Zi Wei and confronted the octopus gang.

        “They are too powerful! We’re no match for them!” Wen Qu yelled in a panic.

        “No! We can’t defeat them alone, but we still have our final blow!”

        Zi Wei sought a move to win this fight. At this moment, her faith was unshatterable.

        “The final blow that can only be used when all eight of us join together!”

        Perplexed at first, the seven Xians gradually understood what she meant. With the hope sparkling in their eyes, they stood in a half circle, joining their Xian power in one.


        Immense flow of Xian power was consolidated into a gigantic duck above the water surface. Sensing the threat, the octopuses kept smacking the duck with their tentacles. Yet none of the attacks could make a scratch on the duck. Very soon, the duck turned the tide by pecking fiercely at them. In addition, the eight Xians weakened them by the non-stop strikes.

        The octopus eventually lost the battle and fled in nasty shapes.

        “Yay! We did it!” Zi Wei jumped with excitement, feeling the triumph of her first monster battle. The others, collapsing onto the ground, were relieved as the threat was disarmed, except Lu Cun——

        “Looks like all of you have learnt a lot in the mortal realm. Now I can report my findings without worrying about you guys,” said Lu Cun, smiling brightly at the seven Xians.

        As his fellows were still confused by his seemingly nonsense, he explained, “my trip here isn’t just to visit you guys, but also to review your progress in the mortal realm.”

        “Exactly. In the meantime, we’ve been monitoring your performance. Since you guys have figured out the meaning of helping the mortals, I now pronounce that your punishment is ended. However…”

        A female voice spoke as a giant lotus descended from the sky. When He Xian’gu showed up, the Northern Dipper looked at her in anticipation.

        “You’re now assigned to work in the mortal realm and deliver hope to the mortals. But this time, Lu Cun will come with you as your supervisor. The eight of you will run the agency from now on,” said He Xian’gu.

        “Looking forward to our cooperation,” said Lu Cun, smiling at the seven stars of the Northern Dipper. At this moment, the eight Xians gathered together, sharing the joy of the genuine reunion.