17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 10

        Fuxi was supposed to rescue his master Xingtian in the Heavenly Kingdom with his comrades. During the escape, they were pursued and attacked by Xians. Not only did Fuxi lose touch with the comrades, he was badly injured, lying in the hidden place of the woods. Somehow he was found by Nüwa and carried to her hideout for recovery…

        Sunlight gently shone over the wooden house of the forest. A refined girl was sleeping on a chair——

        “Nüwa, promise me to be my wife,” a childish voice sounded.

        “I promise. We’ll be together forever.” The young Nüwa gave a pinky swear with the boy, whose face looked blurry.

        “I wanna see his face…” Before she finished her words, Nüwa woke up from a dream. The first thing she saw was a male’s face. Instinctively, she leaned backward but almost fell. In the nick of time, the male reached out to catch her waist and stopped the fall.

        “That is a...dream.” Completely awake, Nüwa kept her balance and puffed her cheek out. “Fuxi, why are you standing in front of me suddenly? You freaked me out!”

        “Ah...I’m...sorry,” Fuxi replied in a servile manner.

        Seeing a blanket on his hands, Nüwa wore a mischievous smile. “Oh, are you gonna tuck me in? Never imagined that you have a gentle side.”

        “Don’t mention it...You must be tired out for taking care of me.” Fuxi answered seriously, which made Nüwa roll her eyes.

        “Really? Pull off that serious look. You make me speechless. Her eyes turned to the sun, “I guess I woke up right on time. Let me dress your wound.”

        “Don’t bother. I can do it myself.” Not sure that it was the hot weather or something, Fuxi was blushing. But Nüwa was unaware of it, and she pulled his wrist to go inside the room by force.

        Fuxi could not help but to sit on the bed, to let her change the bandage on his stomach and apply the herbs. The work had to be done closely, so Nüwa’s approach was making his heart pump.

        “Your wound is recovering fast.”
        “Normally it takes a month, but you just need a half of time.”
        “Why acting cold all of a sudden?” Nüwa looked right into his eyes, which reflected herself like a mirror, as if she was a part of him. They just met each other for a month, but why Fuxi had already imprinted in her soul?

        It felt like time had passed a century. The intimacy was circling around both of them, and their distance was close enough to hear the racing heartbeat of each other. Suddenly, the flirty atmosphere was cut off by the bandage dropping onto the floor; Fuxi acted calm and gave a cough.

        “You take a good rest.” Nüwa immediately picked up the bandage and stormed out of the room like escaping from something. Watching her out of his sight, Fuxi had a missing feeling inside.

        Night arrived. Fuxi had not been sleeping since the afternoon. He went outside the house to a slope, performing a song with his flute. During which, someone was approaching. Initially, Fuxi remained alert, but soon dropped his guard as he knew the person was actually Nüwa.

        “What song is it?”
        “I don’t know. My master taught me.”
        Nüwa hummed the melody of the remaining song. Her eyes glimmered in the moonlight, too beautiful for Fuxi to look at.
        “You knew this song?”
        “I didn’t. Just follow my heart to hum a tune. I don’t mind if you perform this song to me every day.”
        The word “sure” almost slipped out. Then he changed the topic and said, “my wound has recovered. I think it’s time to leave this place.”
        “You know what I have done.” Fuxi continued in a low voice, “I’ll drag you down if I stay.”
        “You are not!” Nüwa is determined. “I don’t care what other people say. And I trust you. You’re not a bad person.”

        “But others don’t.”

        He suppressed the emotion within, “...It’s late. Let’s go back.”

        Fuxi returned to the house. Deep down, he wanted to hug Nüwa so bad, but he could not. She was left alone in the dark. Tears began to drop; and her heart was like cracking.

        “I do like him, but I can’t. Is it our fate?” Nüwa wiped her tears and pouted. “But I won’t back down! I’ll break this shackle!”

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