Years later, Izanami went into labor. Blood gushed out of her lower body. The weakening of her body and Izanagi’s worried face made her believe both her and her baby could die from dystocia. She imagined Izanagi crying after losing his wife and son. ‘I won’t die... My son and I deserve more…’ Her body glowed intense purple light, a power Izanagi had never seen before. He sensed it was not Izanami’s spiritual energy, but something related to black magic. The purple light concentrated into a mass of airand flowed into Izanami. The bleeding stopped magically. Strength filled her body. The baby was born.
        ’When did you learn black magic? It’s the strictest taboo for a onmyoji.’ ‘It was life or death… I won’t use it again, I promise…’ Izanagi looked at the baby, who had survived dystocia thanks to black magic. Izanagi said, ‘Promise me. Stay away from black magic.’ She nodded. After she recovered, they put the book in a fire, but it did not burn at all! Izanagi decided to hide it in a box and sealed it with a fulu.
        Since the birth of Kagutsuchi, Izanami could not help thinking about her experience with death and the fascinating strength of black magic. However, she had to hold her urge because of her promise with Izanagi. She started to think Kagutsuchi could not have survived if not for black magic. The happiness they had now would not have existed. ‘With black magic, I can control my destiny…’ Izanami banished the promise from her head. She grabbed the box, tore off the fulu, and took out the book of black magic. Chants appeared on the book cover and filled up the walls. The chants flash purple light the moment she touched the chants, which turned in purple mist. Izanami took a deep sniff and an intense energy circulated in her body...Izanami forged another book and sealed it back in the box.
        Izanami became obsessed with black magic. She would only practice black magic when everyone was sleeping. The more she used black magic, the more she thought it was magic that would save the world like how it saved Kagutsuchi. She wanted to master it before telling Izanagi. One night Izanagi followed her at night and found out about her secret.
        ‘You followed me?’ ‘You promised not to touch black magic again.’ ‘When did you notice?’ ‘You promised not to touch black magic again.’ Izanami was shocked. Izanagi had never scolded her like that before. She always thought he would understand the power that saved their lives could no way be black magic. She realized it was too much to ask.
        Izanagi ordered her to hand the book of black magic to him, but she refused, "You don’t get it. It’s not what you called ‘black magic’. It’s a chance to grant the world redemption. She tried one last time to persuade her love to understand her faith, but Izanagi let her down, ‘‘It has muddled your mind! Immortality and unlimited power aren’t the answer to redemption.’ It broke her heart, as if he had abandoned her. ‘I won’t let anyone destroy my faith,’ thought Izanami. She thrust a dark energy bolt at Izanagi with her finger.
        Izanagi lay on the ground with blood exuding from his arms. Izanami could not forgive how he had betrayed and misunderstood her. She placed her finger at his forehead and cried, ‘I thought you would understand me.’ Suddenly green light shined beneath her! The man who had promised to love her forever was now creating a kekai against her. ‘You…!’ ‘Black magic does not belong in this world.’ Izanami was completely disappointed. The bond they had was just a bubble, and now it had burst into thin air. She broke the kekai just when Izanagi hesitated and threw a huge blow at him, sending up clouds of dust! She ran to their home and packed her belongings.
        As Izanami was packing up, Kagutsuchi and Tsukuyomi came to her, ‘Mother, take me with you.’ ‘You’re my only master.’ Izanami looked at the seal working as an energy constraint on Kagutsuchi’s body. He was born from black magic; Tsukuyomi believed in black magic. They should not stay here to suffer under Izanagi. Izanami said yes. Although Amaterasu begged for her stay, Izanami knew she had been led astray by Izanagi. People with opposite faiths would only bring harm staying together. Izanami took Kagutsuchi and Tsukuyomi away that quiet night.

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