The reflection of clouds and the turquoise lake blended to reveal a beguiling color, making the exquisite image of Andromeda even more gorgeous than it was.

        “Perseus, why did you leave me,” the grieving Andromeda said. Her childhood sweetheart Hercules brought the news of Perseus’s death, which was a torment to her. The devastated Andromeda had been losing sleep since then. To ease the pain within, she came to the lakeside and danced the unbearable emotions away.

        Andromeda moved her limbs, dancing smoothly and mesmerizingly. Her beautiful wavy hair fluttered with the dance, leaving traces in the air. Apollo, the man standing behind a tree, witnessed everything and was completely stunned by Andromeda’s movement. He couldn’t help but dashed out and grabbed her arm in the middle of the dance.

        “How did you know this dance?” Apollo asked.

        “Master Apollo! I learned it in an ancient book…Did I make it awful and ruin your mood?” Andromeda said.

        “No. You’re good. It’s beautiful,” Apollo said. He let go of Andromeda and sat cross-legged at the lakeside, reaching his hand into the water, feeling the refreshing chill. Andromeda impressed Apollo like the way that priestess did. “Your beauty reminds me of someone… But she’s gone now,” Apollo murmured sentimentally.

        “Is that Lady Cassandra? She is an honourable priestess…I know how it feels when losing the one you love,” Andromeda whispered to Apollo while sitting beside, leaning towards him.

        “My sweetheart was killed by those despicable Zodiacs during a mission…I felt like a part of me died with him when I heard his death…”

        “So you’re tricked by fate too? Guess the odds are just not in our favour.”

        “No! I am just a humble god soldier. How can I ever be compared to the mighty master Apollo.”

        “Everyone feels sorrow when it comes to departing with the loved one. No matter who we are, humans, gods or demons.”

        The miserable Apollo hit Andromeda’s soft spot. She wanted to soothe this fragile man here. “Is there anything I can do for master Apollo?” She asked him in the sweetest, softest tone, holding his hand emotionally.

        “...Can you dance for me?”

        “Of course. If that can soothe your pain, I will dance till the end of the world.”

        The flattened lifeline of Apollo started beating again for Andromeda. His mind was all about her mesmerizing moves. They met everyday at the lakeside; Sometimes they chatted about everything; Sometimes Andromeda danced, and Apollo watched. It was until a nightfall that Andromeda came to the meeting spot with a long face.

        “What happened?” Apollo asked her out of care.

        “Lady Aether was recruiting soldiers for fighting the Zodiacs, but I was too weak to be selected…Why am I such a loser?”

        “Andromeda, do you want power?”

        “I do. I want to kill the Zodiacs. I want revenge for Perseus!” Andromeda said resentfully, looking Apollo in the eyes. Apollo saw fire burning in her eyes, which reminded him of Cassandra. They were both so persistent.

        “Let me help. I’ll take you to Aether tomorrow, and she’ll give you that power.”

        “For real? This, I, I…This is so exciting that I’m out of words now…”

        Andromeda was hesitant. Then she leaned her head on Apollo’s shoulder. “Andromeda is grateful from the bottom of the heart, master Apollo…” she said with her moving voice.

        Apollo stroke Andromeda’s hair gently. “If this can make her happy, why not then?” he thought. The heart that once was stone-cold became warm again.

        “How lucky I am to be helped by master Apollo. I gotta work extra hard to be worthy of his expectation,” Andromeda sincerely prayed, wishing happiness to arrive at Apollo.

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