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        In a vast desert, there were a thousand soldiers marching on a small country. On the way to their destination, a man wearing a jackal mask showed up, standing in the way of the army. “A man with a jackal mask...He is the death of the desert!” The soldiers were trembling and overwhelmed. “Humph! Death of the desert, huh? Today I’m going to send him back to hell!” The general charged at him with his soldiers. The man grinned, clenched his fists and ran to the army right away.
        Before long, corpses piled up in the desert; the general was also dying. “What’s...that power…” He asked in a weak voice as he stared at the man. “You’ll know soon.” The man looked at the general until he was dead. Then, a light sphere came out of his body. The man grabbed it before he left.

        Back to the small country, the man was immediately summoned by the palace. “No wonder you’re the strongest in our country, Anubis! As long as you’re here, our country should be safe from any invasion.” The king laughed when he saw Anubis. “Your Majesty, our country is safe only if all the enemies are eliminated. I’m willing to destroy the country which just invaded us in the desert!” Anubis said determinedly. The king agreed with a smile, and promised if he returned with glory, all the soldiers would be under his governance. “I’ll not let Your Majesty down.”
        Anubis met up the only priest in the country when he left the palace. As he passed, the priest said suddenly, “Sooner or later you’ll be cursed by the death.” “Manipulating the death is my innate ability. Controlling them is just as simple as breathing. How can they curse me?” “Don’t take anything for granted. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed.” The priest walked away slowly, but it seemed Anubis did not take his warning seriously. It was already late at night when he returned home. His wife and daughter were both asleep. Anubis walked to the bed, kissed them gently, and slept besides his wife.
        Next day morning, Anubis packed up and set out alone. He traversed the hot desert to a country in an oasis. Putting on the jackal mask, Anubis walked towards the gate. Guards on the city wall had spotted him; they bugled a warning, and troops were immediately coming out of the city to defend their country.

        Anubis released the general’s soul to the land. He clenched his fists; the wraiths who rested here were summoned. They were all chained, unable to resist or move independently. On command, the soldiers charged at Anubis. “Attack the army!” Anubis ordered the wraiths. However, the wraiths were unwilling to obey him, because the soldiers in front of them were their own relatives. They could not bear to kill them. In order to force the wraiths, Anubis sent his power through the chains. Howling in pain, the wraiths raised their heads and their eyes glittered in purple, as if they had gone mad, charging at the soldiers.
        “The soldiers haven’t touched the masked man yet. Why did they die suddenly?” The guards on the wall were astonished. People could not see the wraiths, and they treated it as the power of the death as Anubis called. Some soldiers were even scared off by his ominous strength. The wraiths kept killing the soldiers, but were all in tears at the same time. At this moment, the general’s soul saw a soldier ahead of him, who was actually his son! He tried hard to suppress Anubis’s power with his will. Anubis discovered the general was disobeying his order, so he used more power to control the general. Eventually, the general could not resist it, then attacked his son with tears...
        The whole city was captured by Anubis. As he was about to return with glory, a bizarre chill sent down his spine. He could not move suddenly. As Anubis was startled at what happened, he was surrounded by a myriad of wraiths. They grabbed his limbs, and put the jackal mask back on his face. A power flowed down all over his body. Then, Anubis sensed a severe pain! He saw his body and limbs had become exactly the same with animals. He tried to take off the mask, but failed to do so, as if it became a part of his body.
        “We hate you! Before you understand the value of life and’ll live on like this…” The voices of the wraiths faded in the air.