“I am the God who summons clouds and rain to nourish all flora and fauna. How dare you offend me!” Ao Guang roared on the sea. Standing on the billows, he howled to the boy wrapped in a red cloth, “How dare you rampage my palace and kill my clansmen, ignoring the friendship between your master and me?”

        As the Dragon King roared, seismic waves immediately rose as breakers emerged. However, the boy only gave an apathetic chuckle.

        “I am almighty since the moment I was born, and I need no mentor!”

        “Then I shall root you scoundrel out for the Celestial Divinity! Up!”

        As Ao Guang shouted, seawater formed into a dragon and charged towards the boy. He jumped into mid-air, flipping back and forth as the dragon chased him. Flames blasted out from his pike and clashed with the dragon. When Ao Guang brought up more waves with his rage, fire wheels suddenly appeared beneath the boy’s feet and carried him across the billows. The boy pointed his pike at the Dragon King’s forehead, yet the Dragon King foresaw that. Once the boy entered the circle formed by the dragons, they attacked him in hordes. “Humph! Capturing such little rascal is nothing more than a five-finger exercise!”

        If the Xian did not interrupt, Ao Guang would have Nezha imprisoned in the caves under the sea. Taiyi Zhenren, Nezha’s mentor, hurriedly came and rescued Nezha. The Dragon King was so infuriated that he flooded the realm with tsunamis and surrounded the town ruled by Nezha’s father with his troops. His anger was not calmed until the Celestial Divinity compensated him with Xian and elves’ pneuma. Nezha then also committed suicide in front of him.

        However, after undergoing all the troubles, Ao Guang noticed that Humans possessed more pneuma than they did in the past. He transformed into a man and visited the land, where he witnessed the chaos brought by Xian and elves, and the wars among countries... He ordered his servants to investigate hither and thither, and they finally discovered a broken tower, which gathered elements like water forming into ice. To stabilize the pneuma in the realm, the Dragon King sent his servants to assist the mortals on their way climbing the tower, hoping they could reveal the nature of the tower...

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