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        Since the commotion caused by Sun Wukong at the Dragon Palace, and with the worsening chaos in the realm of Humans, Ao Guang started pondering his leadership over the dragons of the sea clan. Should we continue living a quiet and peaceful life here under the oceans? Or should I guide the others outside of this comfort zone, and utilize our power to regain rule of the waters? Days and years passed, but these struggles still lingered in Ao Guang’s heart. Their effect upon Ao Guang had grown so profound that during his cultivation of power, the struggles induced a hallucination...

        In the hallucination, Ao Guang sat on his throne in the grand hall of Dragon Palace, while dragons of the sea and Ocean Troopers were standing before him.

        “Fellow warriors! Now that the chaos in the realm is exacerbating, what suggestions do you have over the future of our clan?”

        A dragon of the sea stepped out from the left, head lowered and hands clasped in a sign of respect: “I believe we should seize this chance to expand our territory; we should reach beyond the deep seas, and recapture the oceans that has originally belonged to Your Majesty!” “Excuse me, but I beg to differ.” The dragon on the right also stepped up, his eyes resolute: “We have chosen to stay in the depths of the sea because we wanted to preserve our clan. With the realm now in chaos and our insufficient knowledge about the lands, a snap decision to send out our brethren could result in the exactly opposite way, and it also violates our initial intentions!”

        Each with their own opinions, the opposing dragons did not back down. The clan had once been the overlords of the oceans, but this had changed when Ao Guang witnessed the deterioration of the clan. He had ordered the clan to avoid affairs of the realm by secluding themselves in the depths of the sea. However, different species now scrambled for the control of the oceans. If they do not act now, they may lose their best chance to regain their dominion.

        The Dragon King suddenly rose to his feet, prompting silence from the arguing dragons — their attention focused entirely on him.

        “It has been long since we have started living in the deep sea. If we do not act now, we could lose the chance to take back the oceans!”

        “Fellow warriors! Join me in leaving the depths! Together, we shall fight the alien Gods and other evils, and regain everything that has once belonged to us!”

        Ao Guang attempted to recapture the seas with their own power, but Demons swarmed the oceans, and the alien Gods’ power gradually grew. They constantly whittled the sea clan’s power and their very existence. After years of war, the clan eventually died out in the myriad battles; only Ao Guang remained, alone in his defense of their last territory — the Dragon Palace...

        ‘A snap decision to fight would only result in a miserable ending. In the end, I not only failed to take back the seas, I also led my brethren on the path of no return. My past choice was correct; avoiding the wars is not an act of cowardice. The preservation of power in anticipation for a strategic moment can also be deemed a tactical decision...’