After all the chaotic incidents, the dragons of the first generation almost died out. Ao Guang was the only survivor. At the moment, the Dragon King, while himself standing in the balcony in his armor, gathered his troops in front of his palace. He said to his soldiers, “My fellows, I am not as honorable as you have regarded. Though I enjoy longevity, I am no more than a mediocre being who have no great achievements.”

        “Your majesty, that is too humble of you!” The troopers yelled. Being led by the dragon King, they respected him much.

        “Together we live with the ocean and the sky... We are honorable because we are blessed by the way how the universe is maintained, and we regard ourselves as honorable to repel those from the other races.”

t The speech provoked uproar from the soldiers. The Dragon King gestured for their silence.

        “In the past the ocean cradled us with its currents, but as the evil force roamed the world, they plundered the pneuma of the land and disturbed the order of the sea. The races on the land tried their best to resist yet they acted so recklessly that they attempted to seize the pneuma in the sea. Enlightened by the ocean, our forefathers fought back and negotiated with the Xian in the form of Human. This was when they won the Xian’s respect, which now still retained. Therefore I am no different from all of you. I am not honorable in any sense. Now the elves are here, and none of you should be sacrificing — ”

        “With Your Majesty’s words, we are willing to give our lives!”

        “We are willing to give our lives!” The soldiers repeated what their general said. Though Ao Guang would like to explain further, the lookout delivered an urgent message: the monkey was only a few steps away from the palace! The general cried sternly, “Soldiers, follow me, and protect the palace!”

        Seeing his troops left in arrays, Ao Guang could not help sighing to himself. Recently, he began to contemplate the reason why the dragons lived as a race. In the past, they were guided by the currents. It was not until the Demons disrupt the cycle of the ocean did the Dragons gather to defend their home. ‘Maybe because we have lost our guidance that we have gained the consciousness to strive for our own lives.’

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