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        Waking up from a dream of tremor and hatred, you had read someone’s shattered memories. The moment you began to puzzle, Glauox warned you of a grave danger ahead. Not only an overpowering strength, but this threat also contained shivering emotions resembling a howling blizzard swept across the wilderness——the grudge, the resentment and the sorrow.

        Despite such bone-chilling coldness, your heart was kindled by the sense of purpose to save the world and everyone’s hope. In order to explore every possibility to fix the realm, you had adventured to every single corner of the continent, which had brought you the encounter of various people and events, the realization of the beauty in lives, the happiness of birth and growth, and the agony of wars and death. You knew this would not be the end. Perhaps lives were fragile indeed, but the vulnerability also carried infinite possibilities, all the way to this thriven realm. To protect this beautiful land, you must advance to prevent it from falling apart.

        As you summoned the heroic spirits, they nodded as they seemed to sense your determination and uneasiness. Through their gazes, you sensed their faith in you as if they were telling “we trust you”.

        “Believe your fate, child of destiny, the chosen one. No matter how difficult the path is, the victory will stand by your side to reclaim the glory to the land.”

        Glauox also laid its absolute trust on you. Then you plucked up the courage to advance with the comrades.

        Soon, you saw a shadow lurking around. Light element was summoned to illuminate the place. There was something, somewhere nearby. It was whispering repeatedly, like spell chanting, accompanied with the sounds of mechanical gear. Exuding with chilling air and white mist, she was not a human, judging from the barely visible shape you saw. This thing had bizarrely twisted podites and a giant, spider-like opisthosoma.

        “What have I become!? I’ve become the creature that used to disgust me...I know! I know this must be a dream, a nightmare! As long as I destroy everything here, I’ll wake up!”

        Knowing the presence of the others, she scowled over and launched an attack by consolidating the white mist into countless ice blades. The heroic spirits had you covered, dodged through the rain of blades and fought back instantly.

        “You pathetic flawed waste could never beat me!”

        Shamash roared to declare war, and the situation heated up instantly. You gathered elements to grant the heroic spirits more power to battle. Shamash, proving her remarkable strength, controlled the metal plates linked to her body and fended off the heroic spirits. At the same time, more ice spikes were shot as speedy as arrows. The heroic spirits swung their giant sword to cut off the icicles, but the attack was merely a camouflage.

        Temperature dropped suddenly. You were at the edge of being frozen when you looked down, realizing the ice mist eating up your toe. Fire element was summoned to disperse the coldness and prevent you from frostbite. However, the cold slowed you down from controlling elements.

        “Look, summoner! The attacks of heroic spirits aren’t working. Shamash didn’t even have a scratch!”

        Shocked by Glauox’s words, you realized that those metal plates of hers were enchanted with elements, which made them unbreakable for the moment.

        The continuous attacks were draining the heroic spirits. The longer the fight dragged on, the sooner they became exhausted and showed their slip. While you were puzzled, a voice sounded in your mind.

        “Child of destiny, you’re not alone. I’ll grant you power to fight by your side!”

        All of a sudden, a crimson light was fired from the underground; unable to dodge it, Shamash blocked the attack with the plate. Surprisingly, it cracked a hole on the metal for the immense heat taken.

        “Now! Summoner, go all out to defeat the enemy!”

        Glauox’s call pumped you up with courage. As the crimson light got rid of the ice mist with its radiating warmth, you triggered power instantly to sprint with the heroic spirits, ending this once and for all.

        At the moment, the mysterious crimson light became strong to blind everything nearby. Unsure of the reason, you were not terrified at all. Instead, a stream of warmth flowed into your heart. Then you soon noticed the light was the power of the olden, formed by his longing for this world——

        “For our mechanical city!”

        As the voice faded, the crimson light and the heroic spirits’ attacks had created a gigantic fireball against Shamash, who let out a scream of pain. When the light was off, Shamash was already down, and nothing but ruins were left.

        “You did it, Summoner! We need to act fast to find a solution to stop the elemental disturbance,” Glauox spoke with its great appreciation.

        Unlike the excited Glauox, you took a deep breath while staring at where Shamash had stood and the hole where the light had come out. Thoughts were running wild in your head, but the whole realm was at stake and time was running short. Therefore, you resumed the journey, heading to the destination with Glauox and the heroic spirits——