The two siblings were born and raised on an island where prey abounded. The elder brother therefore built a bow using mulberry wood as the limbs, while tendons from the shank was fashioned into the bowstring. Running along the coastline, the two collected materials with which to build a sailboat. It was then a doe emerged, unaware of the pair’s approach. The brother had his little sister leaning on the grass, teaching her how to shoot a bow.

        “Where’s mother?” The sister asked as she took the bow and arrows from her brother. “Uncle said that Hades would take her soul.”

        The sister shot an arrow, which then fell a few steps away. Alerted by the arrow, the hind quickly fled. As her brother was about to scold her, she had already dashed off, asking, “Why did uncle tell us that we’re Gods?”

        “That’s because of our father.” The brother replied as he took another arrow from his quiver.

        “Have you ever seen him?” The girl raised another question.

        The brother replied no more. He picked up the arrow on the ground and snatched the bow from his sister before advancing. His twin sister followed from behind, grabbing onto his collar while asking all sorts of questions, almost as if he could answer every question in the world.

        Back then, when the mother of the twins was pregnant in heaven, Hera’s jealousy had driven her to a panicked search for a shelter for them in the realm of Humans. It was only when Poseidon gave rise to an island that the mother gained a home. There, she soon gave birth to the twins and not long after, passed away.

        Recalling the past, the brother drew the bow fired an arrow towards the rising sun with all his might. Yet, he never expected thunder to boom across the sky in response. Lightning striking from beyond the horizon struck him. Instead of killing him, the shock activated his godly power within. He levitated in the air alongside the sun, as dazzling light radiated from his body.

        “You are light, fire and music.” It was the first time the boy had heard his father’s voice. “You have dominion over all laws and justice of the realm of men.”

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