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        “You have really stopped empathizing with humans!” Apollo did not need to turn around to know that Artemis was leaning in the doorway, watching him.

        “Dear sister. That’s ancient history. Why bring it up?”

        “I am not talking about anything in particular. You, on the other hand, can only think of that, eh?”

        “...Hahaha!” Apollo’s laugh was hesitant as he remembered the sole Human woman he had loved. She was the only reason he had protected Humans. That priestess had left a hole in his heart that remains unfilled.

        Artemis stayed silent, coldly watching her brother. ‘The reason I could not continue hating is that you have been rendered to this mess...’

        Apollo shook his head as his smile vanished. He unconsciously changed the subject, “The Humans are not as stupid as they used to be. In fact, they are growing increasingly arrogant. Even the Courts of Zodiacs have taken Humans’ side, betraying us: their God peers!”

        “That’s what I have come to tell you. Courts of Zodiacs are here again. You wanna go?”

        “Heck yeah!”

        Since the death of that priestess, Apollo had helped Zeus with his work. While his appearance remained one of laziness, but he had in fact become the most serious of all. Humans breaking through the gates of heaven had enraged Apollo. Not only did he feel that this was a violation of his dignity as a God, but also because they have destroyed the plan the Gods had been following for centuries.

        A thousand miles still separated him from his target, but already, Apollo could see the Courts of Capricorn and Aquarius vanquishing detachments of God soldiers. Being constructed with elemental power after all, these soldiers could be reduced to dust with a single strike. Yet, the battlefield was very close to the Enochian Tower; hence, the supply of elemental power was never ending, and consequently, soldiers would also be generated at a continuous rate. If the attackers were Humans, they would have long been exhausted by the unlimited number of soldiers. Yet, the Courts of Zodiacs’ power cannot be compared to mere Humans. The Courts of Taurus and Leo had arrived early, and fought for days without rest. However, when they could no longer continue fighting on, other Courts of Zodiacs now arrived to provide reinforcements.

        Apollo aimed his bow at the Courts of Capricorn and Aquarius, “I shall not allow you to interfere with our plan!”