Having been anemic and scrawny, Apollo was not as tough as his younger sister during childhood. When their mother was on her deathbed, Apollo could not walk without his sister’s support. After their mother’s passing, they could rely on no one but themselves. However, Apollo spent most of his time in bed chronic illness. There was once a beast raiding the two’s home. Just as it was about to pounced on Artemis, Apollo grabbed the bow on the shelf and fire off an arrow without hesitation. Shot in the neck, the blood of the beast spurted all around, killing it instantly.

        Since then, Apollo could feel the flow of his godly power within. Though he did not have fully control over his power, he could at least lead a normal life. His sister by his side, he could catch fish and hunt deer. They promised each other that they would support one another other as long as they lived, not to be tempted by the mortal worldly affairs of the realm of Humans.

        Though Gods were gifted with godly power, they were not born almighty, as their power requires the refinement of time and cooperation with the order of nature. The power could not be restrained within their corporeal bodies until the moment when they possessed the true form a God should possess. After he was endowed with the title of God of the Sun, Apollo’s power swelled. He was at the helm of rise and set of the sun, while Artemis, his sister, was in charge of that of the moon. Though the sun and the moon would meet, Artemis had gradually drifted from Apollo. Instead, she fell in love with a mortal man. Thus, Apollo killed the man with an arrow. Since then, their relationship deteriorated, ensuring that the sun and the moon would never meet again.

        Zeus ordered Apollo to repel darkness and sins from the realm of Humans with his light. However, he blinded the worshippers of the God of Sea with sunlight on the battlefield, removing their sight. In response revenge, Artemis engulfed the warriors of the Goddess of Wisdom with her shadow, rendering them unable to distinguish between ally or foe. All s in the realm of Humans fought on behalf of Gods. However, commands were inconsistent, morality unestablished, faith irresolute, and killing was indiscriminate. When the Gods looked back at the war in the future while they warred with Demons, they deemed it no less frivolous than the ramblings of children. This whole period of history was viewed simply as chaos.

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