Since Daoloth created the realm and led its followers into the land, this world had been permeated with Daoloth’s power, giving birth to innumerable, low forms of life. This was the moment Mordiggian and its fellows were born.

        These low creatures were raised by the beauty of mother nature. They never explored the meaning of life, nor sought revolutionary changes. Every day they felt carefree, playing and running around on the grasslands. Mordiggian was no exception, living in harmony with its fellows.

        Suddenly, something humongous appeared in the sky. Out of curiosity, Mordiggian pushed itself up with four well-built limbs to look up, but it was immediately stopped by the fellows. They pressed Mordiggian down, who was completely perplexed at the moment. All the fellows were prostrating themselves on the ground humbly, intimidated by the giant shadow in the sky.

        “What is that? I really want to know.” Mordiggian behaved slightly different from the fellows; its curiosity was still lingering in heart.

        Breaking loose from the fellows, Mordiggian sprinted as fast as a leopard towards the descending shadow, as if it was chasing after its own fantasy. Mordiggian passed through the woods, regardless of the bleeding leaf scratches on its skin. All the concentration was on that destination.

        Eventually, Mordiggian arrived at a rather flat place in the forest, where light shone over that shadow. Mordiggian raised its head to gaze at the great being——Daoloth the creator.

        “ divine it is. I’m just too humble to look directly upon…”

        The existence of Daoloth was way beyond its comprehension. Overloaded with messages, Mordiggian’s body, consciousness and even soul were being squeezed.

        Eyes, ears, nose started bleeding; skin was decaying; and pain was penetrating through all over its soul. However, Mordiggian’s will was unwavering to maintain direct gaze at Daoloth.

        To Mordiggian, the existence of Daoloth remained incomprehensible. As merely a low and ignorant being, tremendous fear kept surging in its heart, the fear of the unknown; but at the same time, a strong desire emerged.

        “I want to look at you, and understand you…”

        Daoloth left before Mordiggian was annihilated. Physically and mentally damaged, Mordiggian was unable to stand it anymore, falling down to the ground. As it woke up later, the memory of Daoloth had already been wiped out in its mind. If not, Mordiggian’s brain would break down. That was a self-protection mechanism to force Mordiggian to omit its own memory; now Daoloth only remained as a blurred outline in its head.

        “NOOO! Give it back to me!! Give back my precious memory!!”

        Mordiggian cried despite the fact that its eyes were already blinded by the direct gaze at Daoloth. It kept punching the ground agitatedly, until exhaustion.

        When Mordiggian opened its eyes, it was at a vast space. Each corner was filled with countless eyeballs; each reflected different scenes. Mordiggian looked at itself and found that the body was no longer decaying anymore.

        At the moment, Mordiggian knew it was not in reality, but a space which transcended every dimension——a space of dream called Ghroth.

        Suddenly, it was drawn by a reflection in an eyeball. Mordiggian came over there and saw the great being it had been pursuing——Daoloth.

        “Dao...Daoloth the almighty, how I can understand the great like you…” Mordiggian reached out its claw to touch the eyeball. To its surprise, the eyeball cracked a mouth to represent Ghroth’s will. “Hehe, that’s simple. Just become a superior being Daoloth,” it spoke.

        “How can a low creature like me do it?”

        “Of course you can. Only extraordinary souls are able to realize it’s in the dream, and you’re one of them. The only way you can grow stronger, is to devour the other beings.”

        “Devour…If I can understand that great being, I’m willing to do anything, even to devour the entire universe.”

        In order to approach Daoloth, Mordiggian put aside its pure heart to devour its fellows totally unprepared. However, it was far from enough. After all, you’re what you eat.

        Mordiggian had been waiting for a good timing. Its patience finally paid off one day. Mordiggian witnessed that Daoloth had engulfed one of the most loyal followers, Arwassa. But it remained silent to conceal itself. Even though Mordiggian spoke out, Daoloth would not able to know it, just as humans never cared about the tiny ants under feet.

        Time passed; Daoloth left. Mordiggian crawled out of the hidden corner and licked the remains of Arwassa. Soon, it felt a bizarre change in its body, which began to bulge; mucus was dripping from its skin, cracking into numerous mouth.

        As it was absorbing such unbearable power, Mordiggian’s consciousness began to transform its physical form to adapt to this change. Still, it made Mordiggian suffer the deadly pain, letting out a hysterical scream.

        “As long as I can understand Daoloth...No...I want to be with Daoloth...I want to replace Azathoth.”

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