Molly hailed from a land of peace. Her parents were chairpersons to a chamber of commerce who enjoyed good relationships with the nobility. As they are privy to the news of the war, they could always stay away from battles. However, due to the expansion of war and a doomed business prospect, her parents resigned from the chamber and then moved to Holylight City. When Molly was small, she befriended with a young blue blood. Because of the war, the two enjoyed playing games about wars. The noble youngster would use candies as soldiers, attacking the Great Cake Devil with his colorful army. Molly would sent her troops against the devil alongside the boy, but the unyielding enemy would strike back by covering their fingertips with cream. As they licked their sticky fingers clean, a gigantic new enemy appeared. “Don’t suck your fingers and stop playing with food!” the enemy said. The boy wanted to defend himself but Molly made a stern face and, instead, offered him a piece of “devil”. They were always having fun together, and at that time little Molly was still unaware of the horror of a real war.

         As battles intensified, Molly’s parents decided to send her to the mystical Chantego Academy to safeguard her future. The academy was a place for the study of elemental magic where strange wizards imparted knowledge of the magical arts to nurture young wizards and witches, but its existence was a secret to all but a few. Molly was away from home ever since. She kept in touch with her parents but had never again heard from her playmate. All she knew from letters was that he had inherited the peerage from his father and was serving in the army.

        She tried to keep herself updated about what was going on outside while studying the theories of elements. At first, she was simply keen to keep up with her friend, but her efforts eventually made her the house captain, a senior admired and respected by younger witches. Molly, the brilliant star, was then sent to the battlefields to study the power of Gods and Demons and to apply the theories she learnt. In the meanwhile, she also had to assist the army so as to clear the bad reputation left by the wizards. Molly joined the human army as a sorceress. She had been considered to be someone who possessed great power, but people were soon disappointed to find that she was more of a scholar than a sorceress. Molly was too nervous to perform well on the battlefield, hence, she was moved from one division to another and eventually ended up in her childhood playmate’s platoon. The once-young boy was now a grown man, a proud Earl. Molly reunited with him and was introduced to his comrades in arms. She used her enriched knowledge to assist her friends, and protected them with the power of Water elements. She was therefore given the title of “Elementalist” within the platoon.

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