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        “How’re things going on between Armstrong and you?”

        “Alma, how come you are so straightforward?” Blushed, Persephone replies.

        I can’t recall since when the Court of Aquarius has become the spot for the girls gathering. As long as they are free, they will come for chit-chat about love and relationship.

        “Things just stop right there. There’s not even a confession yet...”

        “Geez! So the dumb bull is yet to reveal his feelings!”

        “I mean I haven’t... W...What?”

        “Oops! A slip of tongue!” Alma covers her lips as she giggles.

        “Alma, what did you just say?”

        “Hmm... I mean, hasn’t Domon proposed to Carrie yet?”

        That’s quite a spin, Alma! And you even dragged me into the mess! When I am about to rebuke, Domon enters the room. That’s why people say we should not gossip about the others.

        “Carrie... Oh, so it’s a girls’ gathering. Sorry to interrupt you gals. I’ll come tomorrow then.”

        “It’s alright. Forget about them. Let’s go.” I push Domon out of the room while Alma is cheering for us at the back. Once we have stepped out of the Court of Aquarius, Domon drag me to the realm of men. From his face full of excitement, something nice must have happened, I guess.

        Domon has brought me to a place padded with flowers, even the breezes smell flowers. Everything around makes me reminisce about our childhood, when after practicing we would take a rest at the grassland behind the knoll, where the breezes smelled flowers too.

        ‘I mean, hasn’t Domon proposed to Carrie yet?’ Crap! How come I can hear Alma in my head?


        W... What? How come he calls me as if he is embarrassed? It won’t be... Is it a pro, pro...

        “Carrie. It seems that we haven’t been sparring for long. Would you like a match now?”

        Domon is such a dude!

        In the carpet of flowers, we square off each other and the flowers flew up high in the mid-air. Domon is a real fool, that he waves his fists, grinning from ear to ear. Is sparring with me that happy? Sigh, I can never get angry at him whenever I see his smile. I think I am the only one who can spend the rest of life with this idiot who knows nothing but martial arts. The other girls would have dumped him long ago... Well, such peaceful days can hardly last, I think we should grasp the chance to enjoy it now.