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        On the meadow, I am snuggling against his chest, gazing at the azure sky...

        “I wanna stay here so much, just the two of us. What do you think?”

        With a smile, he shakes his head as he stands up. His bewildering eyes looks into mine. Then, he bends down and whispers into my ear.

        “My Aries, this is not where you belong...”

        He disappears as dust, while the sky and grassland become total darkness.

        “Where are you?” I falter, yet I can only hear the echo of my voice.

        “Poppy! Wake up, please!”

        His voice sounds in the darkness. As I run to the source of his voice, I see a bouncing glint of light, which grows brighter and brighter and surround me fully at the end.

        I open my eyes to find Armstrong sitting beside my bed.

        “Armstrong?” I call his name, trying to prop myself up with my hands.

        “Poppy! You finally wake up! Hold on! I will help you up.” Armstrong supports me in raptures as I try to sit.

        “Armstrong, where’s he now?”

        “Aha! Our little Poppy has grown up! She’s looking for her lover once she opens her eyes!”

        “Just tell me where he is!” I can hardly wait to see him.

        “He had been staying beside you for a whole month without any proper meals, so Mr. Jiang took him back.”

        “I’ll go see him then!” I try to get out of my bed, yet Armstrong pushes me back on to the mattress hardly.

        “Nonsense! You must take good rest right after a coma!”

        At the moment, Persephone and Alma step in. Persephone pushes Armstrong away from the bed and clutches me firmly. I can feel the warmth flowing to me from her hand.

        “Forget about what he said. I will recover your strength.” After giving Armstrong a despising glance, Persephone says to me with a smile.

        Soon, I can feel that I have regained my vigor, so I get off the bed. However, when I am about to take my sword and shield, Alma, who has been standing aside, suddenly grabbed my hand and declared, “Starting from today, I will be your coach. If you can’t meet my standard, you are not allowed to meet him!”

        Her words stunned me as I can’t get what she means by that, and I can only stare at her out of surprise...