Armstrong was as strong as a bull and behaved as boorish as one. He resided alone in Afire Volcano, fending off the Demons on his own in the war between Gods and Demons. Guided by the astralists, he was rescued from the Demons’ siege by a brigade of the Gods, which he joined afterwards. After Armstrong and the soldiers had driven the Demons away from Afire Volcano, Armstrong followed the army and battled everywhere. Under the instruction of the astralists, Armstrong learned to suppress his savagery and earned a number of merits in battles. He led the soldiers to countless victories and his glorious history of service had earned him the title of “The City Taker”.

        Armstrong knew his own gifts well. He was born to be a warrior who loved battles and destruction. He believed that the power of muscles meant everything. Therefore, whenever the Court of Taurus taught him to be steady and calm, he never listened, for he thought that calmness would only sap his raging will to fight. However, fate played a trick on bellicose Armstrong by making him fell in love with a maiden who was busy harvesting in the wheatfield. He was captivated by the smile of the harvesting girl. Armstrong buried his feelings deep down his heart, for he was always poor at expressing himself. Until one day, the wheatfield was shrouded in the threatening shadows of the Demons...

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