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        This story took place in a vast forest. On a grassfield, a bunch of tiny creatures were moving.

        These creatures had a cute round shape with a translucent body──They were slimes.


        The slimes were crying while running as fast as they could.

        “HAHAHAHAHA! Suckers! Run!”

        A high-pitched girly shout sounded in the forest. Right after her words, a whoosh moved across the air. Next second, two running slimes popped like water balloons.

        “Woo──!” Other slimes moaned as they saw what had happened to their fellows.

        “Hehe! Don’t go away!”

        The girl named Perrie stopped to shoot another marble with her slingshot.

        As a spiked marble was shot, another slime popped. The half-solid body tissue was glittering under sunlight.

        “HAHAHA! This is fun!”

        “Ew...They regrow,” said Perrie in disgust.

        However, thanks to the regenerating ability of the slimes, this forest would never be out of slimes. In fact, there would be more and more of them, which gave Perrie a lot of fun.

        “Play with me!”

        Chasing the slimes, Perrie went to the deeper part of the forest. When she passed through an enormous oak tree, she found a slime wall in front of her.


        The tiny slimes stacked up and made a hostile sound, trying to scare Perrie away.

        “Wait...D-Don’t come over!”

        Perrie stepped back in fear as she saw the slimes gathering together.

        “Woo! Woo woo!”

        Next second, the slimes fought back and pounced on the out-numbered Perrie!


        The panicked Perrie ran backward, but just for a very short distance. As she stopped, she smiled wickedly and said, “got you!”

        Just when the slimes were pouncing on Perrie, a net hidden on the ground bounced up, capturing all of them inside.

        “Boohoo…” Trapped inside the net, the slimes were hung on a tree, while the strings were strapping them like a ham hanging inside a store room.

        “Hahahaha! This is my great invention!” Perrie said proudly as she looked at her work, “you aren’t going anywhere. Hehehe…”


        To Perrie’s surprise, the captured slimes slipped out of the net through the holes.


        Perrie finally realized that the squishy slimes could change their shapes to squeeze through narrow spaces.

        The freed slimes pounced on Perrie immediately.

        “Damn it!”

        As an accident happened, Perrie turned around to escape the forest right away.

        However, hundreds of slimes were gathering outside the forest as well.

        “Ah, those are the regenerated slimes...I didn’t expect that many when I was too busy with pulling pranks…”

        The regenerated slimes blocked Perrie’s escape route while the original slimes were chasing her from behind!


        Bumped by the slimes, Perrie rolled for a short distance, scratching her knees and elbows.

        “Ouch! Damn it!”

        It took Perrie a hard time to fling the slimes away and fled the forest, returning to her village.

        “Whoa! Perrie, that’s so messy of you,” the other kids mocked at her.

        “Shut up…”

        “Hahahaha! Perrie is a freak! You stink! Snug!”

        As the kids threw rocks at Perrie, she moaned and ran back to her house.

        “Humph...Someday I’ll make you regret bullying me…”

        Back home, Perrie locked herself inside her room to treat the wounds.

        “Damn it. Got my butt kicked by those pathetic slimes...How can I mess those bullies up if I can’t even win those slimes…”

        With her mouth pouted, Perrie went to her work station and started designing a new trap.

        “If the slimes can regenerate, I’ll just dig a hole to trap every single one of them.”

        “Hmm...What a genius idea.”

        “Test it with the slimes first. Then y’all will be the next…”


        A twisted grin appeared on Perrie’s face when she came up with this plan.

        “I will definitely bring hell to you!”