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        Ever since Artemis’ brother was enshrined as the realm of Humans’ God of Sun, Humans were much blessed by the light he emitted. Artemis was the only one who could not enjoy the light, for she could suffering an acute burn with blinding pain in her eyes whenever she tried to open them in sunlight. Since then, Artemis was rendered blind during the day. All she could do was to hide herself in the woods, seeking protection under the canopy of the trees.

        When the moon rose, Artemis wiped away her tears. She could merely look at the afterglow of the sun. When the moonlight faintly gleamed across the realm, she could see all the celestial bodies in the sky. In her eyes, the road was as radiant as silver, while the river was as tranquil as a mirror. Under the moonlight, Artemis hunted — passing over silvery river and through islands and forests. Recalling archery taught to her by Apollo, she sought does in the darkness, hitting every target that entered her sights.

        The last thunderbolt of Zeus finally struck the night sky and the four Gods in the realm of men were awakened. Zeus granted the night to Artemis, along with a secret mission: monitoring the Gods.

        Artemis could not reject her father. Her brother had already become the God of the Sun, and there was none who could answer the questions that gradually accumulated in her mind. These questions formed together into a desire to dash across the realms, chasing behind fellow Gods like an arrow. She would observe but not interfere, survey but not intervene. She sought all answers to every question, but yet, paranoia still reigned supreme. As night fell, Artemis would see everything the Gods have done during the day. Artemis remained forever faithful to her duty, reporting their every movement to Zeus. Yet, this caused indecisiveness for him, as he could never find the bridge behind his assumptions and the reported facts...