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        When Apollo had originally shot Artemis’ beloved, it had sunk her heart into a painful abyss. Since this had taken place during the war of the Gods, she had attacked Apollo’s followers in vengeance. Yet, this had not satisfied her desire for retribution. Hence, she had manipulated events from behind the scenes, causing Apollo’s beloved Human woman to die in the wars. After many battles, Apollo had grown tired of fighting with Artemis; therefore, he had proposed reconciliation and invited her to return to heaven by his side.

        “It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep. The schism between Gods and Humans is not something you and I could easily change. Come, sister, return to heaven with me.”

        “Unfortunately, you telling me this with your face of misery and that makes it completely unconvincing.” Artemis replied without a trace of emotion, her tone flat.

        Slightly shocked, Apollo stroked his face as he fell into thought, ‘ I miserable?’

        “Seems you have finally understood how I felt at the time.”

        Artemis rejected Apollo’s invitation. She insisted upon staying in the realm of Humans and viewed watching over them as her duty. She also obeyed her father’s wishes and reported on all the ongoings there.

        Over the centuries, Artemis had seen the rise and fall of Human civilizations. Despite constant Demon incursions, wars among Humans themselves continued ceaselessly. Artemis would secretly provide assistance when Demons invaded; yet, for battles between Humans, it was not her place to interfere. All she could see was battle after battle among Humans from greed and selfishness, as casualties mounted and lives vanquished. Artemis grew gradually indifferent, and she began to value the lives of Humans no more than she would an ant, despite her initial intention to close the schism between Gods and Humans — essentially, she no longer had hope for humanity. It was only then that she could truly withdraw herself from humanistic affairs, and simply watch on as Humans continue on their path to doom.

        Time flew passed, and the world entered a new phase. Humans have started climbing the Enochian Tower and actually broke through the door to heaven.

        ‘Humanity that had once provided strength to us, the one that we had loved, is no more...Contemporary Humans here seek solely to destroy father’s plan!’

        Artemis drew her bow, and her arrows rained towards the heroes of yore, but all were deflected. With their seal cards and the summoning of elemental power, Humans fought on despite being driven back. Previously, Humans were attacked by two dragons who identified themselves as Fafnir and Kukulkan. This had cost them the capability needed to defeat heaven. If one were to exterminate the Human summoners, what better time than now? Artemis continued nocking and firing arrow after arrow, ensuring Humans no opportunity to recuperate.