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        Thunder and lightning streaked across the skies as stars fell alongside rain. The Goddess of Order had once again opened the gate between heaven and the realm of men. In the dark palace sat the alone Zeus, awaiting for Artemis’ report.

        More lightning flashed through the air. Zeus had fired them out, the flash allowed him to see the silver hair of Artemis. She had been young when Zeus had ordered her to monitor the Gods. By this meeting, everything had been bleached by the moonlight. Still, Gods cannot from aging; they would simply grow weaker and weaker until until only their consciousness remained. Then, they could only await for a last blow fate can deliver. This was the Gods held their godly power captive; yet, it was also a curse thrust upon them.

        “How are the Gods doing in the realm of Humans?” Upon the question, Artemis gently walked over to her father. She needed some time to familiarize herself with speaking. After all, she had been spying alone in the dark since Zeus’ decree. When combined with her lover’s death, she could not recall when she had last spoken.

        “Humans are used as tools in the struggle between Gods. With the growing unrest in the realm, the Demons shall rise and drain all the power there.”

        She spoke haltingly, having included herself as part of her report. She could neither forget her rivalry with her brother after the death of her mortal lover, nor all those sacrificed because of the struggle between the Gods.

        “Is it possible for us to win, if a war erupts between the Gods in the realm of men and Demons?” Zeus then asked.

        In his original plan, Zeus did not consider Demons as enemies, but rather, as rivals for the power embedded in the realm of Humans. By sending Gods to the realm, he thought he was already a step ahead of his opponents... It was until the mass Demon offensive into the realm of Humans that Zeus realised the inevitability of a war between two parties.

        “It’s impossible even if the Gods cooperate.”

        Zeus’ plan of killing two birds with one stone was doomed to failure. In his initial scheme, by dispatching those hideous opponents who may threaten his authority in the realm of Humans, he could not only consolidate his paramount status but also conduct the power in the realm of Humans to heaven. However, all the Gods had their own axe to grind with each, leading to the chaos in the realm. As a result they had missed the best opportunity to annihilate the Demons.

        Zeus, whose power had been fading gradually, had already substantially deteriorated. He knew that during the war between Gods and Demons in the future, somebody else would have to take the reins. Leaving his throne, Zeus stepped forward and hugged Artemis, who was kneeling in front of him. It was the first time he had not treated his children as tools.

        “Thank you for all your effort.” He told Artemis. “Go fetch everyone back. All Gods in the realm of Humans are my siblings and children.”