Bedivere crawled out of the stream wearing red armor and holding a baby in her arms. She carefully checked the baby’s condition. The baby’s bright smile relieved Bedivere. She ran through the woods to a remote village…

        Years later, the baby had grown up to be a beautiful girl. Sunshine gleamed on her golden hair and her emerald eyes stared forward. She held her sword overhead and swung it down.

        Bedivere stepped to Arthur and passed her a handkerchief. ‘Arthur, time for a break.’ ‘But I really want to master the cutting technique you taught me as soon as possible…’ Arthur swung her sword a few more times before she grabbed the handkerchief and wiped her sweat. ‘More haste, less speed.’ ‘More like practice makes perfect!’ ‘Why don’t you grab some groceries in the village for me if you have so much energy.’ ‘You’re making me run errands for you again, aren’t you?’ Arthur complained as she picked up a basket. ‘Just treat this as part of your training.’ Bedivere smiled.

        The village market was filled with babble. Arthur scampered through the throng easily looking for stuff on her shopping list. Suddenly she heard a racket. Several royal soldiers surrounded a hawker. She approached them out of curiosity…

        ’You can’t enjoy such peaceful life without Accolon and Mordred, no?’

        ’Yes, yes, yes...I have a wonderful life thanks to Accolon and Mordred…’

        ’Then explain why you refused to give us money!’ They pushed the hawker to the ground. He kneeled in fear and begged, ‘I don’t have any to spare! I earned just enough to survive!’

        The royal soldiers sneered and smashed the vendor’s stall and fruits. He stepped up trying to stop them, but he was no match for them. As they raised their weapons at him, Arthur could not bear to see him suffer anymore and jumped out of the crowd. She helped the vendor up and asked, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Yes. Thank you.’ She smiled to him. She picked up a stick and pointed at the royal soldiers, ‘You savages! Give him a break!’ They stared at each other and grinned. They said as they walked towards her, ‘I would try to stay out of trouble if I were you. I don’t wanna hurt-’ Arthur stabbed at his stomach before he could finish the sentence! He fell in pain with his hands on his stomach, trembling in agony.

        ’You little…!’ As the other royal soldiers sprinted towards her, the villagers spread out for fear of getting into trouble. In the blink of an eye, Arthur was surrounded by them. They slashed at her simultaneously, making it strenuous for her to block all the attacks.

. ’Seems like it’s the only way.’ She dropped the stick to bare her hands. The royal soldiers sneered, thinking she had given up. She rehearsed Bedivere’s techniques in the head. One of the soldiers slashed at her from the right. She crouched and tripped him. Her left hand pressed him down as her right snatched the sword in his hand. One of the soldiers felt like he had seen her technique before...

        As Arthur bolted, a red figure appeared, knocked out all of the soldiers and pulled Arthur away…’Where’d that rat go?’ They searched every corner for her. One of them whispered to himself, ‘Red armor...and that girl’s sword-stealing technique…I must report it to Mordred immediately.’

        ’Why did you take me away? I was winning!’ Arthur followed Bedivere to their cabinet in the woods. ‘You taught me that great power existed for protecting others! I was using my power to fight for justice. Why did you stop me?’ ‘Because you could’ve gotten yourself killed!’ ‘You think they were stronger than me?’ ‘It’s not about strength. It’s about your blood…’ Bedivere stopped and turned back. ‘Maybe it’s about time to tell you the truth.’

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