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        The heavy border gate of a city opened, making a sharp scratching sound of metal. A new mayor took a carriage driving into the city, along with his family. Meanwhile, a chilling breeze blew through, sweeping the fallen leaves to a whirl; With the lighting of the sunset, shadows casted on the ground danced like phantoms.

        Before the arrival, the new mayor had thought that he would see a lively and bustling scene; Yet people were rarely seen, for every citizen stayed at their own place. All the doors and windows were shut as tight as they could.

        It was all because of a serial murder happened lately. Once the nightfall came, screams would be sounded from some house of civilian. The police force here had no clues about the case. All they knew was that the victims were all scalped to death, dying in extreme horror and torture.

        “This is a total trap! There are no hot girls, just a haunted city!”

        A chill ran down the mayor’s spine. Everything was totally different from what the governor had told him: a city renowned for beautiful women; And he would be rewarded with millions of bounty and hot girls if he could solve this murder case here.

        With the fact that it was a ghost town, the mayor started to regret the decision of moving here, wanting to go back; But all he could do was suck it up, for he had no balls to revoke the superior order.

        Inside an empty store, Xi Shi was absorbed in the sensation of the fabrics on display.

        Different factors affected the texture of the fabrics: the speed of the touch, the humidity and the smoothness. All together in different portions constituted millions of unique sensations, which was the reason why Xi Shi fell in love with touching fabrics.

        Moving her fingertips back and forth on the fabric, Xi Shi carefully felt the friction between her skin and the texture. This fetish had gradually grown into a habit of collecting and weaving.

        Xi Shi walked to the window side as she was drawn by the noise outside the house. Her eyes sparkled when she saw the carriage passing by, with a contented look on her face.

        “It must be raw materials they’re transporting!” Xi Shi thought, as the carriage reminded her of the diminishing “raw materials” in the city. “I gotta get all the raw materials inside the carriage!” Xi Shi gave a bright smile.

        Ever since the arrival, the coward mayor had been hiding in his office; He only started the investigation until his cowardice got himself reported to the governor.

        With the shorter daytime in winter, the nightfall hit the city very soon along with the unspoken fear. Only the chilling wind and some crow cries could be found in this ghost town.

        The mayor followed the detective’s instructions and arrived at the crime scene happened last night.

        The detective gently pushed the door open; The nauseous smell of a dead body instantly hit his nose. Maggots had started decomposing the corpse; No visible cause of death could be seen on the body. There was only a vague facial profile of the victim on a pile of bloody red flesh.

        The mayor turned away as the scene was too brutal to look at. Flipped furnitures and broken glasses were all over the crime scene, implying that the victim struggled fiercely in extreme pain.

        Suddenly, a shadow swept across outside, scaring the mayor to crouch down on the floor.

        “Mr. Mayor, stay right here.”

        The detective rushed out of the house and found Xi Shi. This suspicious lady caught the detective’s attention. Holding a piece of fabric, Xi Shi stopped the rubbing action and looked back at the detective.

        “Don’t leave me alone!” The mayor was too scared to stay at the crime scene alone with the corpse.

        “What makes a lady like you to walk alone in such a late night?”

        “My name is Xi Shi, and I sell fabrics. I just lost track in time and worked till late tonight.”

        While Xi Shi was explaining her presence, her heart raced as she saw the mayor’s rough skin, smiling subtly. All the fear was gone when the mayor found this stunningly gorgeous girl standing in front of him, and he started grinning brightly.

        “Seems that your familiarity with this city can be useful in this case. I guess I need to have a deep talk with you,” the horny mayor said, emphasizing on “deep talk”. “Bring her for interrogation,” he commanded.

        Xi Shi was taken to the mayor’s official residence. Then the two of them went to the master bedroom. Inside which, the mayor sat on his bed with his gaze drifting on Xi Shi’s body.

        “Xi Shi...What a fine body you have.”

        The smiling Xi Shi nodded at the mayor as he grinned at her. When she untied a knot, her gown dropped on the floor, showing her milky skin. The mayor got very excited as he was squinting at this alluring scene. Meanwhile, Xi Shi slowly approached the mayor, stroking his body.

        “This kind of sensation is different from those I have in the store,” Xi Shi thought. The sensation of the skin and warmth brought her a complicated yet unspeakable pleasure.

        After the wild climax, the mayor was sleeping heavily on the bed. Soon, a scream of horror brought him back from dream to reality, realising the absence of Xi Shi on the bed.

        “What happened?”

        The mayor hurried to the sound source. As he barged into a room, he found himself stepping on some kind of liquid barefooted.

        With the moonlight shining over the place, the mayor saw Xi Shi with a face full of enjoyment. She was sophisticatedly using a knife stained in red, slicing cleanly; Blood was splashing like falling petals.

        “Aw, the skin of young female is so beautiful.”

        Overjoyed, Xi Shi stroked the silky-smooth skin with her hands. “Aw. Only harvesting the skin at their prime age can keep the beauty sealed forever. Everything will be frozen at their most beautiful moment,” said Xi Shi obsessively.

        Looking around, the shocked mayor found few skinless corpses in the pool of blood.

        “AHHH! HELP, HELP ME——!” Back from the daze to reality, the freaked out mayor turned around immediately to flee the scene; But he slipped on the blood, stumbling over the floor. His legs became limp because of the extreme fear.

        “This is…” Xi Shi stared at the mayor’s tightened and rough skin, which was sweating on the goose bumps. “This tightened skin is amazing...I’m gonna harvest this gorgeous moment,” Xi Shi mumbled.

        The trembling mayor tried to crawl his way out of this horrifying danger; It only took Xi Shi a little pounce to reach her prey.

        “Gotcha, my raw material.”