It had been a long time since Vishnu woke up. He was lying on the dune, watching the two blazes of scarlet light in the sky. The distance between the blazes was getting closer and closer. Rumor has it that when that two blazes overlapped with each other, the world would be doomed. However, compared with the rumor, his focus was on Brahma. He recalled the fight with him.

        Brahma’s heart was occupied by some sort of power other than seven chakras. This power was bizarre enough to counteract the prana of Vishnu. Therefore, he decided to sneak into Varuna’s palace, the king of Sinha, in order to stop Brahma from saving the atrocious, cruel king.

        Guards of Sinha, divided into a group of two, were on patrol. Vishnu avoided their lines of sight with caution, climbed up the walls and successfully entered the palace.

        “This tyrant deserves to die! Varuna goes to war every year, snatches the wealth of the weak and wastes it all on his own entertainment. What a fatuous king!” Vishnu recalled the war initiated by Varuna, who killed the entire clan and hung their heads onto trees just to show off. Watching this golden and luxurious palace, Vishnu was furious.

        Vishnu stayed low profile while searching for the location of Varuna and Brahma. The palace was huge and complicated like a maze. It took him a long time but the effort still went in vain.

        As he was puzzled over what to do next, a painful groan from the courtyard reached his ears. Vishnu saw a young girl faint beside a pool. She was Lakshmi, who dressed elegantly, with her long drape tying to a pillar on the second floor above.

        “Is she trying to escape?” Vishnu could not pretend not to have seen her, so he decided to take her away from the palace.

        He brought Lakshmi to his residence, but she was still not awake. Vishnu fed her with herbal soup, put the residue on her acupoints and slightly massaged. He left until her situation had become better.

        Vishnu understood searching in the palace was like finding a needle in a haystack. However, his conscience won’t allow himself to give up stopping Brahma from saving the king. Then, his attention switched back to that poor girl Lakshmi again…

        Judging from her temperament and apparel, Vishnu guessed that she was either Varuna's wife or princess of Sinha.

        “Perhaps I can find out something from her...No-No!” He felt ashamed of taking advantage of others in order to achieve his own purpose. Vishnu put his heart and soul to help her, not to use her.

        After adjusting the emotion, he put his hands before his stomach, let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from him. Then he crossed the thumbs to circulate navel chakra. The prana within made him calm and in control to decide his next plan.

        Next day, Vishnu performed ascetic practice beside a drying river alone as usual. He refrained from eating, tied his arms and legs with iron rings and stood on one foot for an entire day.

        Suddenly, he heard a noise nearby. Out of curiosity, Vishnu walked towards there and saw Lakshmi is washing her silky hair with water. Fluttering in the wind, the hair shone under the sunlight, then hung down around her waistline naturally. Vishnu was totally attracted by her beauty.

        After washing the hair, Lakshmi began take off her clothes to bath. Vishnu tried to avoid watching, but he was shocked by the scene in front of his eyes.

        There was something strange about her body; an ominous yet familiar power lingered around Lakshmi.

        “This power...I’ve seen it during the fight with Brahma…”

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