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        After her mother’s death, Woodbury started devising a plan to exact revenge on her sister, Alice, who had killed their mother. Hence, Woodbury traveled around the realm and recruited many toy pixies.

        Hamel was the captain of the tin-toy troops, and after a lot of difficulties, she finally located the entrance of Wonderland for Woodbury. However, when they entered “Wonderland”, the place vanished after Alice left them a message “It’s not time yet.”

        Woodbury clenched her jaws in anger, her want to kill was so intense that the toys dared not speak a word. Hamel waited until Woodbury’s power began to stabilize before asking, “Then...what do we do now?” “Keep...find...” “Lady Woodbury?” “I said keep finding!” Woodbury replied angrily. Thinking that she was tricked by Alice, Woodbury could only let out her anger on the toys.

        Upon hearing Her Ladyship’s order, Hamel prepared to search in full speed, but was stopped by Woodbury as she placed her hand on Hamel’s shoulder, rendering Hamel too scared to respond. Suddenly, immense power flowed from Woodbury’s hand and into Hamel’s body! Unable to withhold this increase of power, Hamel released it and her body shone with blinding radiance.

        When the light dissipated, Hamel saw numerous “Hamels” in front of her. All the Hamels were shocked to see each other: “Lady Woodbury, this is...?” “I’ve lost my patience! Use this power that I have given you and find the entrance of Wonderland!”

        With her current immense power, Hamel and her doubles led different troops in search of the entrance of Wonderland within the realm of Humans. Having her abilities boosted by Woodbury’s power, Hamel ran faster: journeys that needed days could now be finished within one single day and hence, Hamel and her manifestations were able to quickly locate the entrance, where they gathered around a hole under a gigantic tree. She hurriedly called Woodbury, who arrived with an eerie smile: “Right...this feeling...I can feel her...!”

        Woodbury and Hamel entered Wonderland along with the other toys, in which Hamel withdrew her doubles before leading a small number of elite troops. After walking through a dim lit corridor, Hamel was bemused by the scene before her eyes — everything was of odd sizes in Wonderland. The trees were tiny like grass and the mushrooms that were supposedly short were now as tall as trees...

        While they were still in shock from the scene, pawns swarmed toward them from all directions. Morris took a fighting stance but Woodbury gestured it to stand down. She did so not because she thought they could not defeat the pawns, but because she wanted to preserve her power to fight against Alice.

        To their surprise, the pawns did not attack and instead, respectfully extended a formal greeting to Woodbury: “Miss Alice is waiting for you. This way, please.” “I see.” While they proceeded toward Alice’s location, Woodbury could not help but contemplate; she could not understand Alice’s intentions, so she could only be cautious and wary for any underlying danger.