Into the basement, Wimpy, Tim the cat with glasses, and Plumpy the bosomy cat found a room. They foundAli Baba’s earring in front of a room, so they deduced that this was where he was held captive.

        Plumpy was tempted to touch the shiny gemstones inlaid in a wheel disc on the door. All of a sudden, the alarm was triggered and the ceiling started sprinkling stinky water.

        “Oh no not again...this is killing me. I can’t take the smell any longer…” Wimpy stuttered nervously. His feet became pigeon-toed, trembling with fear again. “That wheel must be a lock. Crack it Wimpy! We needa find the other earring as a pair...Ah no, we needa save Ali Baba,” Tim said as he fanned Wimpy with a map.

        The door was secured by a wheel disc lock with gemstones inlaid on each slot. He began to count from the top: ruby, amber, pearl, diamond, lazurite…

        Wimpy tried to deduce the hidden meaning behind, but he still had no clue about the lock. Knowing that he was puzzling over the lock, Tim and Plumpy also came over to study together.

        “Plumpy, stay away. You stink!”
        “Stink...Oh right, I smell really bad. Tim, why am I stink?” Plumpy was finally aware of the smell after Tim’s friendly reminder.

        “It’s because of you! Don’t you remember!? You touched the wheel and triggered the alarm!”
        “Oh, is that so? Tim you’re such a clever cat.”
        “You…” Tim tried to suppress his anger. “Calm, calm down. It’s not the right time to turn against each other,” Wimpy comforted him.

        “Guys look at here.” Plumpy pointed at the wheel and said, “the gemstones look familiar. We saw them all the way through here. The owner of this mansion really has a bizarre taste. He uses all these gems to decorate his house no matter they’re cheap or expensive.”

        “Could it be…,” Tim got an idea.

        Tim pressed down the gems according to their values, from the precious diamond to lazurite. But the alarm was triggered again; and a tray of stinky water was poured over the cats.

        “Hold on! Maybe the order is based on the size of the gems!” Tim pressed the gems immediately. Then, multiple stinky waterballs dropped right onto their heads. The cats couldn’t stop meowing.

        “No, no more wild guesses okay…” Wimpy anxiously blocked the lock with his body and stop his friends from messing up with it..

        “ heart races whenever I see a lock...but not this time…” He was puzzled, pondering long over this matter. “Could it be!” something inspired Wimpy.

        Wimpy stopped panicking, groping for something else in the door instead of the gem wheel. The edge at the bottom had grabbed his attention. He figured out something and he gently pulled the door to the right. “Click!” the door was opened.

        “So the wheel is just a distraction...The door isn’t locked at all…,” said Wimpy.

        “Pff! That cunning Cullinan...If it wasn’t for you, we would be stink like poop now!!” Tim smiled and patted Wimpy on his shoulder, “let’s get in!”

        The cats entered a laboratory with formulae written all over the place. As Wimpy look closely, he found a familiar face in the lab—— a blacked out Ali Baba, gagged and tied to a chair.

        “Ali Baba!” The cats scooted towards him right when they saw their master. But at the same time, someone walked appeared behind Ali Baba and pounced on them. Without seeing this coming, the cats were subdued on the floor; and the stench started filling the air.

        “This...stinks...I can’t hold out anymore…” Wimpy’s consciousness began to fade away. Through a blurred vision, he could feel that person trying to open his eyes. “Got you!”

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